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Can 4 people really fit in cabin?

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by sandie511, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. sandie511

    sandie511 Guest

    This is my first post, been enjoying this board for a few weeks now. July '04 will also be our first cruise. Since we never been on a cruise before just courious about the cabin. Right now we are booked for an outside cabin with balcony for myself, my husband and our 15 year old son. We just asked my mother-in-law if she whould like to go on this cruise and to our surprise she said she would. We were delighted because since she retired 6 years ago she does not go anywhere. She said she would get her own cabin for herself, but I am thinking why should she pay double for one person. That would be such a waste of money. I called princess and they did confirm that our cabin will accommodate third and forth person(s). I am thinking we will have my mother-in-law stay with us. So, even though the room does accommodate 4 people would it be comfortable for 3 adults and one child almost the size of an adult.

    This will be the Diamond Princess (to Alaska) on the Baja deck.

    Thanks so much in advance.

    BTW- What is a pull-man?
  2. AnnW

    AnnW Guest

    Pullman...are you referring to a kind of luggage? It's a pretty large case, fitting quite a lot of clothes.

    I'd think a cabin for four would be pretty....tight. Especially when you're talking four adults. Of course it depends on where you're going....when we toured to Alaska, we spent most of the time outside the cabin.

    Did the Princess folks tell you what kinds of accommodations you'd have for the extra folks? Some of them have pull-out beds (like out of couches); others are drop-down cots, really. Depending on how old your mother is, neither might be suitable.
  3. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    It's all about personal preferences.

    We always cruise with the four of us (me, my husband and two sons, ages 11 & 13 yrs.) Our "ideal" set up is one balcony cabin for the boys and an adjoining balcony cabin for us. We could never squeeze into anything less. If we can't get the 2 adjoining balcony cabins, then our second choice is a suite.

    This is what we feel we 'need' to be comfortable, but not everyone has the same requirements or tastes. I've known a family of 4 that had a reg. balcony cabin and have survived, but I wouldn't want to try it myself.

    If you can, get an inside cabin (at least) for your son and mother-in-law, perhaps across the hallway. I think you'd be happy to have the extra bathroom, extra TV and extra storage space. Believe me, it wouldn't be a "waste of money".

    You don't realize how tiny these cabins are until you see them. I'll never forget my heart dropping when we went on our second cruise. Our first was in a suite. Our next cruise was in a mini-suite on the Grand. I just about died when I saw how narrow the cabin was. I wanted to run the other way and tell them they made a mistake. "It looked so much bigger in the brochure!", I said. Obviously, our next cruise was in a suite. :grin
  4. DJA

    DJA Guest

    I'd go for a second cabin for sure... A standard outside cabin is definitely not designed for four adults regardless of whether or not it says it can accommodate them. Even if you don't spend a lot of time in there, just having 4 people trying to get showered and dressed for dinner at or near the same time will be a killer. You won't even be able to get out of each other's way. I know there are people who have done it and been happy with it (maybe someone who has will reply to your post), but I think most of the "success stories" are either four college kids in one room, or two adults with two young children.

    This being your first cruise, you will be shocked when you first walk in the cabin door and see how small it is... it's not at all like a hotel room, which is what a lot of people are expecting when they first cruise. It would be a shame to have an unpleasant first cruise... then you wouldn't want to come back for another. If you really want to see how it is with four, get two cabins and "experiment" with everybody in one of them for a night or two so you'll know for future reference.

    I believe the term "Pullman" you are referring to in this case is the configuration of the extra beds. The term is a carry over from train travel in Pullman cars where the two extra beds drop down from the wall or ceiling like bunk beds above the other beds.

    Whatever you decide... Have a great cruise!!
  5. DianeD

    DianeD Guest

    I have to agree with the others -- consider a second, less expensive or inside cabin. On only ONE cruise did I share a cabin with three other adults and it was really tough. You're sleeping so close in bunks -- just too crowded and uncomfortable for my taste. They were family members too.

    Now, on my last cruise, my son and his three college buddies bunked up in a cabin for four -- but they're 21 years old and didn't mind -- plus they were all on tight budgets.

    Make it a great first cruising experience and check into getting a second cabin.

    Enjoy! :dance
  6. BurBunny

    BurBunny Guest

    Definitely recommend a second cabin. The pullman berths come out of the wall/ceiling above the two lower beds (which, by the way, wouldn't be able to be pushed together - you and hubby would be sleeping in twin beds). It's like having two bunk beds in the cabin. Would your MIL feel comfortable climbing up a ladder to get into an upper bunk?

    The mini-suite configuration is a bit better, with the sofa turning into a bed. Perhaps that would be less expensive for you than two cabins?
  7. wwinfl91

    wwinfl91 Guest

    I will have to agree with the general trend and that is get a second cabin. 4 adults in one outside cabin especially when you are considering doing with a mother-in-law will stress your family relationships to the max. The idea of getting a second inside cabin is probably the best idea.

    Good luck
  8. Bevard88

    Bevard88 Guest

    The others are probably right - HOWEVER - my husband and I and my 19 year old daughter and her 19 year old friend did cruise for 7 days in an inside cabin and did just fine. We are very active and really spent only sleeping time in the cabin and my husband and I used the cabin to bathe and dress for dinner and then went to get a cocktail while the girls readied themselves. We had two lower bunks and the girls slept in the two upper berths. For us it was either go this way or not invite a friend for our daughter. If you are creative you could make out just fine. THINK shifts!!! In the mornings my husband and I quickly dressed and went for a peaceful coffee and breakfast. By the time we returned the girls were up and at 'em. We spent all port days off on shore excursions and sea days on deck enjoying activities or sun. No problems.

    We were happiest to spend the extra money on exciting shore excursions. To each his own! Enjoy your cruise.
  9. sandie511

    sandie511 Guest

    Thanks so much everyone for the replies. I thought when I posted this question I would get two different kinds of answers. Such as those who might say it would be a little tight but do-able and those who say don’t do it. After the replies I would then make a decision on the pros and cons. Well, as we can see there were no pros to 4 staying in one cabin, so I just booked an outside cabin with balcony right next to ours, my son will be sleeping with my MIL and we won’t have to use those bunk beds. Also, I have read the steward can unlock the balcony doors and this way we can come and go into each other’s cabins if we desire.

    Thanks again for the replies. Before I started this post I was on the phone with a Princess rep and she told me we would be just fine with 4 in a cabin. Her words, “You’d be surprised†Well, if I did not post this question here, and get the real answer, I supposed I would have been ‘surprised’


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  10. sandie511

    sandie511 Guest

    Opps, sorry Bevard88 I did not read your post before I posted. However, I do appreciate your reply. It is good to know that it can be possible, but as someone posted, since this is a first cruise for all of us we want it to be grand.

  11. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    That's funny, Sandie! The reps at all cruise lines are a wonderful source of inaccurate information!

    Yes, it's do-able, but I think you'll be SO happy with your decision. After your first cruise, if you personally feel it's do-able, then you can squeeze 4 into a cabin on your next cruise! You know this won't be your last! :)
  12. steve thfc

    steve thfc Guest

    no. just came off the grand. youd be tight withe 3 people. for now way unless you had bunk beds

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