can the problems surrounding carnival get any worse??


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After reading the article, and watching the news clip of the latest incident involving the carnival triumph, i am left wondering ... can it get any worse?? can the cruise line stem the tide of issues that has thrust them in the negative spotlight. It seems as if the media are circling like buzzards around the ports these days just waiting for another incident to occur.

the latest news is of the triumph breaking away from her moorings and "crashing" into a cargo freighter. This is something that a few years ago would likely have only been covered by the local media at best. It seems however, that since the concordia deriliction, anything that wouldn't have caused much of a stir a couple of years ago is now blown up into a major news network sensationalized event. i just have to wonder now..... how many more price drops is Jeff going to get...


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While one can't really "blame" Carnival for this one it does make you wonder. Heavy winds snapping mooring lines is just a freak of nature but ironic nonetheless.

Having worked in TV news back in the day I can agree. The media will jump on a story that will gain attention. The trials and tribulations of the Triumph was hard news at the time of the ill fated cruise. This new wrinkle is just a sidebar story that does bear reporting if for no other reason the irony of the whole thing. In this case the reporting I have seen was responsible in my opinion.

The reporting that bugs me is when the media reports about nurovirus on a ship. I don't even remember which ship it was but lately there was "big" news about a hundred odd passengers and a few crew getting sick on a ship. I did the math, it was less than 3.5% of the people on board. At the same time my company had four agents out one one day with the flu, almost 19%. Channel two didn't show up at my office that day. :shrug:



If you take me serious, it's your problem
yeah my whole problem with the media reporting on the cruise accidents that have happened is that it is all about making them out to be worse than they really are. I mean, hell they made out like the people on board were being fed spoiled food. we all know that they were flown in food and water...and received some from passing ships as well. i mean the worst they had to endure was being evacuated from their cabins due to no climate control, and their cruises being cut short. I'm not tryingto let carnival off the hook... but i think while reporting on these stories they need to emphasize the fact that given the number of people who sail each year that this is a small percentage of passengers who actually are impacted by such events. They should report that overall the cruise industry is safe, and incident free.