Can you change person cruising?


Next time you have a "Free" cruise - just post - I am sure one of us would be happy to go! lol

Enjoy and glad it all worked out for you!

Thank you!!! I am very glad as well. Nothing worse then throwing $1000 down the drain.

I have NO DOUBT that if I posted a free cruise it would get swooped up in a minute. I honestly considered that when we couldn't find a replacement person. Unfortunately for you guys someone was able to clear their schedule. Haha :)


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In my opinion needless fees these days are a quick clue that you should avoid that company. If most cruise lines off this service for free, and you know that Carnival will charge you it should be a clear sign that their corporate strategy is to nickel and dime you. I now know that Carnival charges for a simple name change and will therefor no longer consider them when reserving cruises. Simple solution right? :)
Or you could simply not change your name.