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Can you please spare a prayer for Pucci

Discussion in 'The Safe Harbor' started by ShipMaven, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. H2O babe

    H2O babe Guest

    Sending good thoughts your way for Pucci's continued recovery. I'm sorry to hear that you had to cancel your plans.

  2. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Mary Ann, can you put something on Pucci's foot to protect it and maybe cushion it? When Kiefer tore his nail up as a puppy, I bought a few baby sock and put them on, and he was ok with that. You could put a sock on his foot, and wrap some of that athletic tape that sticks to itself, but nothing else, around it to hold it up. He might appreciate the extra padding on his foot right now.

    Just a thought...
  3. audrey

    audrey Guest

    prayers on the way to a very special dog pucci.
  4. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Another round of sincere thank you's.

    Pucci is beginning to put some weight on his paw, and alternates between walking like a dog and hopping around like a bunny rabbit. When he does put weight on his paw, his nails fan out - the Vet yesterday said that indicates that there's still swelling.

    Glo - I appreciate your suggestion, but Pucci won't go for that. Fortunately, there's nothing broken, there are no wounds - "simply" bruising and swelling. I still can't begin to figure out what he did for this to happen. :dizzy
  5. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    well despite not knowing "what" did it, I am so very grateful it's healing =hug Dear Paesana, and scritches to Prince Pucci Pup..

    and hopefully it will never reoccur!!..:)..Joanne.
  6. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Guest

    Cody sends snuffles .....

    - woof !
  7. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Big sloppy kisses from Kiefer, that Pucci keeps mending and is soon bouncing around.
  8. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Pucci sends woofs 'n tail wags for all the good wishes. And his Mommy sends =hug to all for your kindnesses and continued concern.
  9. John

    John Guest

    Kisses for Pucci!
  10. Olga

    Olga Guest

    Awww...I just read this and hope that Pucci is diong MUCH better since you last posted. Hugs to both of you.
  11. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Oops - Pucci's Mommy is neglecting her son. I just saw your responses, John and Olga, and thank you sincerely for them.

    Pucci has been back to normal on all four paws for awhile now.

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