Can You Please Spare an Extra Prayer?


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I'm almost ashamed to ask, with all the serious reasons to ask for prayers here in Safe Harbor, but I really would appreciate some for me.

I developed fast-growing cataracts in both eyes, causing serious deterioration in my vision. I'm scheduled for cataract surgery in my left eye Tuesday June 22nd, and in my right eye Tuesday June 29th. Everybody, without exception, who's had cataract surgery has said it's a piece of cake. I just don't like the idea of someone poking in my eyes, let alone doing it while I'm awake. So, this yellow-bellied chicken would really be grateful for your prayers and good thoughts.

Thank you.

Mama Chicken


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Mary Ann,

Like you, doing anything around the eyes scare me. I do know everyone has had great success with the surgery and should the time come I will just have to overcome my fears and submit to the surgery. As you know from our converstation the other day my friend just had lenses put in both eyes over the last few weeks and has done very well. He is very pleased with his results. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and will look forward to you telling me how easy it was so someday if I face the same I can think of you.

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I also hate having anyone doing anything around my eyes. I can hardly stand it when the eye doctor tries to put the drops in my eyes for the exams.

Speical prayers for you Mary Ann. I know that everything will go well for you on Tuesday.


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Shipmaven, we will all be with you, in spirit, during your surgery. It is scary thinking of someone poking around in ones eye. But, oddly enough, no one that I've spoken to who has had cataract surgery, has ever complained about that portion. But that is what scares me as well. Take care, and remember that we Have your hand. (((HUGS)))


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Mary Ann, prayers on the way for you....It will all go well, I'm sure.

My brother, who is the biggest baby in the world (he faints every time he has to have blood drawn); had his cataract surgery with no problems. Since they knew his history, they gave him something to keep him calm while they were doing the surgery. Everything went perfectly, and he said it was a "piece of cake"!!


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Another chicken added to the coup........I freak with the glaucoma test. I have to have mine done after the first of the year, but I was told that I would sorta be in la la land with medication. Sending you plenty of good thoughts and will be anxious to hear about your experience.


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I will be praying for you Mary Ann and I know things will go well! This will be alot easier than you other surgeries especially the recovery ;)


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Mary Ann
I can spare alot of extra prayers for you.
Like you have been told it's a piece of cake. The worst part is all the drops they put in before hand. I had to wait a long time between the 2 of mine because of other health issues & it changed for the better between the 2.
The difference is like night & day. I used to say, someone has put the window shade up. Colors is the most noticable right away.
Good luck Tues & I will be waiting to hear how it went.


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Of COURSE we will all say prayers for you! There are so many prayers in our hearts that we can never run out. Prayers for you for the strength you need to face this without fear, and for an uneventful recovery for both surgeries.


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Shipmaven I like you am terrified when anyone is fiddling with my eyes but I breezed through cataract surgery. They put so many drops in your eyes & have so much protective gear around you that in a few minutes you wonder what you were nervous about! The worst part about the whole operation is all the drops before & after the procedure. Be sure and wear sunglasses after the operation. Good luck.


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Oh Mary Ann, Of course we'll add you to our prayers. It is perfectly normal to be leary of anything to do with the eye. Oscar, our daughter, and our youngest son have all had the surgery, and just breezed through it.

Let us know when you're back home, and how you feel.

H2O babe

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I most certainly will add you to my prayer and good thoughts list. You'll do fine and hopefully the improved vision will make all the jitters worth it.

Cyber hugs,


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Thank you so very much - I know we're like family even though I haven't met most of you.

I just started the pre-op eyedrop regimen. Actually, I surprised myself and did well - the drops actually went in my eye. Normally, the fluid is in my eyebrows or running down my cheeks or nose. I was pretty much on target! I guess the fact that 2 miniscule bottles cost me over $290.00 :)madd: ) made me ultra cautious of my aim.

I'll check in Tuesday night - please God, I'll be another one saying it was a piece of cake.


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QUACK, QUACK, QUACK! ! ! ! Of course you have prayers and good thoughts coming your way. They would be winging their way without the request. Rest up, relax and let the good doctors do their thing to make you all better.


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I've known people who have this & they said it was no big deal & they had great success. That said, I'm right there with you as far as somebody poking around in my eye (or any where else for that matter) with me awake. My thought has always been knock me out & you can do whatever! Anyway, I wish the very best & once you get thru the 1st one I am sure that the 2nd one will be much easier. And best of all, the end result should make it all worth while.


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Hey, hey, hey, you are NOT a yellow bellied chicken, you are a yellow bellied DUCK! We all are!!! Leon said to tell you that if you don't want to have your cataract surgery, he would be thrilled to have the left side done in your place. He has been begging the doctor to do his. Also, he thanks you for your recommendation about eye drops. Prayers are headed your way, both for strength for you and also for the doctor doing your surgery - about 2000 more, as I put you on our church prayer list. It's a very powerful one. Besides, you have the best nurse in the whole world! I'm sure Pucci is willing and able to take care of his Mom. Good wishes are headed your way!!!!