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After yesterday U deserve a BIG hug. Perhaps I might know more than some because of My relationship with John through the years so let me digress a moment on this TGIF. Over the past 3+ years this man has spent countless hours and endless amounts of his hard earned $$$ on a site called Cruise @ddicts which MANY of US call home. He has bent over backwards to try and be fair to EVERYONE no matter what the circumstances were. I give this man a LOT of credit for overlooking some of the things that have happened and the statements that have been made in direct correlation to his site and even more so himself.

There are MANY things we do NOT like in Life and that is why we are given choices. I am NOT going to sit here and pronounce that this sundae that is jumping up and down is something I love to see. However reality tells me that the Capitain has always made good decisions in regards to this site and thus the success that it has received. He has made the statement that these bouncing and blinking adds should subside eventually and be replaced with BETTER adds and I believe him. I have witnessed the growth of Cruise @ddicts from a one message board site to what we all witness here today. The growth has been immense with additions like the reviews section, secure chat room, photo gallery, links section, travel section, cruiseline forums, port forums, cruise tracker, etc. With growth comes expenditure and with expenditure comes a need to add revenue to maintain and continue to grow.

So then the question is posed how do we create revenue? Well bottomline is U either charge for the services to the users, discontinue the services, or add other sources of revenue generation (aka adds & sponsors). There has NEVER been one hint by John as to a begging for $$$ and in reality the ONLY request he has made is that we try and use the site sponsors whenever we possibly can. In life the hardest thing to do is accept change and the easiest thing to do is resist it. Unfortunatly many opt for the easy way out and overlook the benefits from the past.

There is a reason that this site has grown the way it has and is now known as one of the Premier Cruise internet sites. That reason is a gentlemen by the name of John Shallo and that needs to be remembered on this Friday. He deserves a tremendous amount of praise for the efforts he has put forth to build and maintain the Cruise @ddicts Home. SO :cheers Capitain on what started out as a Dream and became a Reality. :thumb For the doubters of the World look around and see what U see. Why do posters from other sites come to this site and use the photo gallery? Why do they come to read the Cruise Reviews? Why do they come and add their name to the Cruise Tracker? Why do they come and use the Travel reservations system? The answer is VERY simple folks and that is because Cruise @ddicts has it and the ones they have are TOP notch.

A song that always comes to my mind in times like this is by Billy Ocean and is titled "When the Goin gets Tough the Tough get Goin". So for those of US that want to get Goin lets Do IT. For those of US that don't then thats your choice and U may move on to your Next residence and hopefully have enough decency NOT to bad mouth the previous one. U were once a Cruise @ddict and thats says a LOT so don't forget that. Show enough decency to this man who goes by the name of Capitain John for the pleasure he provided U with during your stay here. The old saying "Stick and Stones may break My Bones but names will NEVER hurt me" really is a fallacy because those names do hurt more than any of US can really know. Have a Gr8 TGIF Capitain .. U Deserve IT!!! :thumb



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You have a sundae? I have a bouncing Target ad. :lol I want the sundae!!!
Well put E! And I fully understand the reasoning behind the new ads. It's just something that I will have to get used to seeing by choosing to keep this board as my "home away from home." Thanks John for all that you do!


I understand John's point and I appreciate what he does very much! :) I also have a siezure disorder and cannot stay on unless I block that part of my screen with cardboard. I do not understand how any sponsor would think that annoying the hell out of people would get them to buy somthing! I would be fine with nice calm banners i might even look at them! (((((((((((((((John))))))))))))))))


I Got my new luggage yesterday !! It sure is perty!! :) lol

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As usual E, very well said! {{{{{{{{{{Captain John}}}}}}}}}}}}} Thanks for the best site on the net!


I agree, John works very hard on this board and it is the best out there. I fully understand the need for ads. Just not the bouncing flashing ones on the right of the screen that cause medical problems. After half an hour of trying to read the posts with the target going up and down or the luggage etc I get a severe migraine. I am not trying to bash anyone, Just explain why I'm not jumping up and down about the new ads.



Beautifully put Einstein! I have admired John for so long , because I can see the progress and absolute hard work he has put into this site. The long hours he has given to make this site one of the best around is an outstanding thing to do for all of us. I wonder how many would do this for people we may never, ever know? For all those who are working and bringing home the money to take care of your family and go on nice vacations, I wonder how many of us would take at least hundreds of dollars a month to put into a project for someone else that you don't even know? John is a man that should be thanked for his kindness, time, money, energy and caring! Any changes he feels he has to make to me should not be questioned, unless we are paying for the site, and THAT we certainly are not doing! Kudos to you John!


Well said E....even though I am relatively new...I can see the merits of this board...I love it...Many thanks to John for such a great web site...

So far at least, I have not been bothered by flashing ads...I only have a search engine on the right side...nothing else...


Kudos to John to all he does. :cheers

but.... and it's a small butt (a mingo butt) :grin .... the flashing neon ads are not good


I haven't been here as long as a lot of the others but I want to say that this board has become a part of my day. I check it in the morning, at night, and if I can catch a little time at work I check it then. Thanks John for creating this board and giving me a home on the internet. Until I found this board I hardly ever used the computer (internet) now my husband and I have to share the laptop (he doesn't mind:) ) So I just want say thanks again for everything.


Boy, I'm gone from the office for a few days and look what I miss.......

Well said E and thanks for the effort, both on your and on our Captain's parts. My Economics 101 class oh, so long ago taught me that products and services have market value based on "what the economy will bear". The value (service) that this web site provides is undeniable, yet the Captain chooses to forego collection of fair market value (i.e., its free). This is a privilege for which I am very grateful.