Capri or Amalfi?



I've heard good reports and was wondering if anyone has been to both on the same day from Naples?

An option we are considering is to hydrofoil to Capri from Naples and then take a helicopter flight which takes in Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Capri with tour over the isle. Has anyone tried this before and does it take the fun out of driving along Amalfi drive?

Look forward to any comments



Do lots of homework, as there are differences of opinion. (Check out videos--I like Rick Steves because he really gets to the details!) I'll toss mine in here to get it started, since I've been to all those places. Frankly it would break my heart to see all those wonderful places in one day! Muchless a flyover in a helicopter--better to watch it on tv! I'd skip Capri (unless you have your heart set on the Blue Grotto, and even then you're at the mercy of the weather--the little boats don't go if it's choppy.) It's a beautiful place, but so are all the other spots you mentioned, and doesn't really offer a uniqueness that I can name. You can take a regular ferry type boat (with the commuters) from Naples across the Bay of Naples, to Sorrento. There is a nice restaurant on the main drag with a fabulous patio overlooking the sea. It's called something like the Foreigners Club, but it's not a to the public. Sit and have a drink overlooking the port. There are lots of beautiful things (churches, courtyards, the fishing village down the steps) to see in Sorrento. From there you can take a bus (or taxi?) along the Amalfi Coast to Amalfi and Positano, etc, as far as you want to go--and return. There is nothing like this ride...actually it's a bit too scary for me...but my husband loves it! You just gotta trust that the drivers who do it all the time know what they're doing! Last time, we got off the bus in Positano and decided to take a boat to Salerno after walking around the town. There are many options, since the sea is right there, and there's a unique, gorgeous view from a boat too.
Whatever you decide, it will be wonderful. I hope you have time to take it in.


We will be in Naples in Oct. on the Liberty. I would like to take a boat from Naples to Capri and wonder if that is possible or must we go to Sorrento first and then on to Capri. I thought we could work our way back to Sorrento and then on to the ship. Anybody know?


I think that you can actually hire a local driver go to Pompeii first and then to Sorrento from where you can go to Capri.
In this way you can see another beautiful site.


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