Capt. Rick of Orca--not Larry?



Tried to book the whale watching with Capt. Larry through Orca but his morning time is full for the day we'll be there. They offered to book us with Capt. Rick who uses a shorter boat that holds 14 and doesn't have the upper view area. Didn't take it but wanted to know if anyone has experience with this one.
The noon watch with Capt. Larry is available but hubby is very nervous we would miss the ship if "something" happened. Instead, I guess we'll book through the ship on the big boat that goes whale watching. Any comments? Thanks.


I think Rick is one of the other 'nature guides' that used accompany Capt Larry and he is very knowledgable also. I have only been on the boat with Capt Larry so I can't comment on the smaller sorry.
If you haven't already just phone Carol who owns Orca and speak with her , she is very nice and will let you know if the later trip would be a bit risky for you to take. They have a free phone line that you can use. ( You may have spoken with her already so sorry if you have :lol )


u might also talk to ""whale watching by jet boat" i talked to julie, a very sweet girl...this is a family-run business and they also guarantee whale sightings. 907-463-3422, may be a travel agent # (i are one lol) but u can still talk to julie. cheaper than capt. larry and i have heard the same basics...good luck with whatever u do. mike gaupin (tell her i said commission to me but we sortof started a nice relationship)...i'd like to see them get business, no offense to capt. larry but there are alternatives. same with helo tours...temsco wouldn't book me, said all allocations were reserved for cruise ships. so, went to coastal helos, 800-789-5610. able to book, nice family-run operation as well, also cheaper than temsco. good luck...mike