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Captain's Club--should we or shouldn't we?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Noni, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. Noni

    Noni Guest

    Our upcoming Summit cruise is our first cruise on Celebrity. We have cruised with RCI 4 times in the past. Would it be advantageous to join the Captain's Club NOW? Can we join before boarding? Would I just need my booking number?

    Thanks gang!!!!
  2. I called Celebrity with this question. My wife and I will be on the Century November 23. There were incentives for the Captain's Club if you join before October 31. I was told by Celebrity that I could join on the ship when our cruise started or after the cruise but not before.
  3. Noni

    Noni Guest

    Thanks Mark. I had read various opinions on this but you hit the nail on the head with your answer.
  4. lysolq

    lysolq Guest

    The best benefits of being a Captain's Club member are:
    one category cabin upgrade
  5. lysolq

    lysolq Guest

    Celebrity has recently changed its Captain's Club program. There are now three levels, of membership, each based on the number of cruises taken. We've been members for years. The luggage tags, video, etc. are nice, but the best benefits of being a Captain's Club member, regardless of the level you are at, are priority embarkation and disembarkation, and a one category cabin upgrade. Since you've already booked your Summit cruise, I don't think you'd be eligible for the upgrade this go round. However, the easy on/easy off benefit is certainly worthwhile. There is a one-time only fee of $35 for joining and it's well worth it if you plan to sail Celebrity again, and trust me, you will! Enjoy!
  6. LjeanBrown

    LjeanBrown Guest

    The best thing about joining is the priority embarkation/debarkation, however you would not get this. The program has changed and since you won't be cruising until Nov. the deadline will have pasted. There are still perks that make it worth joining. You can look them up on their web site. It would be better than my memory :lol hope this helps.

    Laurie :candle
  7. SueClark

    SueClark Guest

    We are members of CC. There are many benefits if you book the regular cabins most notably the the cabin upgrade, priority boarding, etc. If you book suites there are few real benefits.

  8. barbara11758

    barbara11758 Guest

    The benefit of upgrading with Captain's Club membership seems only available if you don't take advantage of another promotion that they are offering such as special airline fares. We have been on 3 cruises and have never been able to upgrade because of the special airfare. However, the rooms are fine in just about any category.
  9. JanZ

    JanZ Guest

    We just received our invitation to join the CC club with higher status if we join by a certain date. We sailed the Century in November and we were on the ship at 11am, walking right on, and off the ship at 9:15. Waiting about 45 minutes. Still thinking about it. JANZ
  10. Sailor Girl

    Sailor Girl Guest

    We just returned from the Mercury - 7 day cruise to Alaska (Sep 1/02). It was my first Celebrity Cruise. A lady on board told me she joined on the first day and it was her first cruise. She was invited to two cocktail parties! She said the $35.00 paid for itself before the cruise was over. We joined on the second to last day of the cruise. We got priority in disembarking and received temporary membership cards that day. I recommend doing it at the start of your cruise!
  11. KimberlyC

    KimberlyC Guest

    Well I have yet to receive any memberrship cards, temporary or otherwise. I have received emails for discounts and a newsletter type of thing. I heard about videotapes and luggage tags but I joined around early June and haven't seen any of it and we sail in less than 3 weeks and have all of our documents. Someone mentioned that you get few benefits if you book suites. FYI, the upgrades aren't good for balcony cabins either. Don't take this to mean I'm dissatisfied. For $35 we got to pre-reserve specialty dining before our upcoming cruise. If the priority embarkation and debarkation work it will be worth the $ for that alone IMHO. I am however a bit dissapointed that I haven't received some of the items (card with number on it included) that I thought I would receive. I also understand they no longer send out the promotional video.
  12. lysolq

    lysolq Guest

    Call the Captain's Club, tell them you joined in June, are sailing in three weeks and would like to have your membership card, etc. before you leave. They're accommodating and will probably FedEx your stuff to you.
  13. Rick & Kathy

    Rick & Kathy Guest

    We just came back from our cruise and there have been some onboard benifits added to enhance your cruise experience. On top of the cocktail parties, they pay for membership themselves. There is and added gift in your room, a box of Cova chocolates for each member. Coupons that can be used in the Spa as well as $5 match play coupons in the casino as well as an ace to use playing blackjack. We used all of the benefits available and had a great cruise as well as walking away with more of their money from the casino than they got of ours. Because of when the changes go into effect you will miss out on the priority embarkation and debarkation, but the other benefits make up for it. As you cruise more with Celebrity you will gain in benefits including the priority embarkation and debarkation. While you are on board check into booking your next cruise the onboard credits are well worth booking, $100 for 7-9 days and $200 for 10-14 days. And you can book either Celebrity of Royal Caribbean and get teh credits.

    Have fun
  14. Lourdes

    Lourdes Guest

    We just completed our first cruise with Celebrity. We joined the second day of our cruise as I knew the minute I stepped on the ship that I would sail Celebrity again. While we got invited to the special cocktail parties, we did not get priority disembarkation(no big deal for us as we live only 1/2 from the port). We did get our temporary cards delivered to our cabin. We also got priority tender tickets for one of the ports and we think it was because of CC but we're still not quite sure.

    I think it's worth it but it's only my opinion.

    Lourdes :)
  15. Paul Vogel

    Paul Vogel Guest

    we are members and just came back from Galaxy 09-09

    We got a 1 cat upgrade..{same room, higher floor}

    We each got 12$ for 10 dollars in the casino(4$ a cruise, 9 cruises to get back the 35$}
    Each got a 5$ match play{I lost, she won upNet Up 5$}
    2 special Invites for parties
    free wine tasting

    priority embark and disembark{wont be special when everybody becomes a capts club member!}

    its for life!!!! Youll spend more at the casino in ten minutes!!!
    It will cover a 15 minute massage!!! By 2 6by8 fotos!!!

    By the way, soda cards could be purchased by adults.
  16. Stargazerm31

    Stargazerm31 Guest

    You can only join and get the advantages after your first cruise. Is it worth it? Depends on you. How often will you sail Celebrity? If this will be your only cruise then the answer is no. I have been on 5 so far with Celebrity and I know I got my monies worth.
  17. Cyclops

    Cyclops Guest

    We joined C.C. on third day of cruise - (Millennium 9/13), were invited to two cocktail parties ( drinks were excellent in quality and quantity -you could order almost anything, plenty of high quality canapes ). We are not heavy drinkers but got more than our $35 worth of drinks on this one cruise! We were given priority disembarkation but no C.C. temp. cards. We really are sold on the Celebrity product and will book again for Dec.

  18. BSeaBob

    BSeaBob Guest

    We have been members since about '95.. Quite happy with program so far and it's looking better. Only negative is their Admin. problems with keeping up to address changes, etc. and mail outs. Maybe the new set up will work better.
  19. Another good thing about the Captain's Club are the coupons they send out a few times a year. They all say for new bookings only but , believe me , they do honor them after a cruise is booked. Months after we booked the Constellation for 11/23/2002, we sent the coupon to our TA and received a reduction of $125 on this cruise. This discount more than pays for the $35 fee!
  20. Might as well get into all the alumni groups. Can be some advantages in booking and boarding.

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