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Captains Club

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Maw, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. kath

    kath Guest

    8/30/02 -We have not heard anything .We have yet to info or Captain's Circle Magazine.We are Commadore also.
  2. Elise

    Elise Guest

    Received my Captain's Circle Magazine on about August 12. Have not received the promised packet as yet. New amenities are supposed to be effective Sept. 1.
    I am also Commodore.
  3. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    I got my packet a few days ago and it said free internet access - I'm assuming that since you have to give them your sign and sail card to rent or access a computer in the business center, that the encryption will show if you get free internet access or not! I don't think you will have to "rent" the laptop - it should be free if you are a platinum member!

    I've got number three on Princess with number four coming up and need to get a couple of more under the belt ASAP!
  4. Joe Connolly

    Joe Connolly Guest

    Continuing to wait ...... and wait, and wait .....

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