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Captain's Cocktail Party

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by A2Bob, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. A2Bob

    A2Bob Guest

    We were on the Grand last Spring and enjoyed the captain's cocktail party for Princess repeaters. We are booked on the Sun for 11-6-02 and have heard that
    there is no such party on this ship. Can anyone say for sure whether this is true?


  2. Helen

    Helen Guest

    I was on the Golden last year and the Dawn the year before and the cocktail party for repeaters was held both times. Don't know if the have eliminated it or not. Will be on the Star in 4 more weeks and will see. Helen
  3. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Been eliminated as the Capitain now does his speech at the Champagne Waterfall gathering. The drinks were always a bit watered down anyways so IMO its no BIG loss.
  4. Lou in MA

    Lou in MA Guest

    We were on the Golder August 6. There was a Captains Circle cocktail party in addition to the Catains Welcome party.

  5. Toto

    Toto Guest

    On the Crown this past February, there was a repeaters cocktail party and a captains welcome party both held on the formal nights, along with the champagne waterfall. Humm, wonder if it has to do with maybe the length of the cruise or the ship you are sailing on?
  6. Elise

    Elise Guest

    On the Royal this past July there were two Captain's Cocktail parties and two Captain's Circle parties each held on formal nights and 45 minutes prior to each dinner seating. There was also a Champagne Waterfall. There were three formal nights on a 12 day cruise.

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