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Captain's Party

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by JW, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. JW

    JW Guest

    Does Princess still host a "Captain's Welcome aboard Party"? Are the drinks still complimentary?
  2. cannonball

    cannonball Guest

    When I was on the Golden last March, they did still have the Captain's Cocktail Party with the complimentary drinks. From what I understand, they tried to do away with it for awhile last winter but apparently that was extremely unpopular.
  3. On the Golden this past Sept and they did have the Captain's party with the free drinks.
  4. We attended Captain's cocktail party on Royal Princess in September. The drinks were a little on the weak side - a bottle might have been in sight when they were poured, but there was little indication that the good stuff ever hit the bottom of the glass. We knocked back three or four drinks apiece trying to see if any sort of buzz could be established. No luck, I had to go find Darren the Excellent Bartender in the casino to get me rocking.
  5. KreinKrunker

    KreinKrunker Guest

    If you slip the waiter a couple of bucks, you will get drinks every five minutes, and they will even put something in it. You can even request what you want, like a martini up with extra olives.
  6. That's a good play. It's odd that the experienced cruisers we were sitting with didn't know or use this trick. Thanks. ; )
  7. George

    George Guest

    On our cruise last month on the Golden Princess, the Manhattans they served at both of the captain's parties had lots of liquor in them. The first party was on the second night of the cruise--the first formal night. They had it in the atrium area. The second party was for past passengers. It was by the pool on the fifth night of our cruise--but I think they had more than one cocktail party for past passengers. It was by invitation.

    There was also plenty of cheap champagne served at the champagne fountain on the second formal night.

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