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We're leaving on Sunday for a 7 day Southern Carribean cruise with HAL. We're not sure what we should plan to do while we're in Caracao... any ideas? FYI- my hubby and I really like snorkelling and swimming.

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Curacao is a great shopping island. It doesn't quite rival St Thomas or St Maarten, but it's close.

Unfortunately, it is not a great island for beaches, in my opinion. The best is probably the private beach adjacent to the Curacao Seaquarium. It has great white sand, palm trees, rest rooms, etc. You do have to pay to use it, however. Another beach is further out of town and fairly nice. It is Santa Barabara Beach, and also has rest rooms and a snack bar. I am not a snorkler, so I cannot tell you which might be better in that regard.

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There are literally hundreds of shops in the main downtown area called Punda (maybe 6 blocks by 4 blocks square -- easily walked). They run the gamut of the usual jewelry stores, liqour stores, electronics/camera outlets, clothing stores, etc. Many of them specialize in Dutch products (no surprise given it's a Dutch protectorate). In them you'll find gouda cheese, Delft china, real French perfume, and the local blue liquor aptly named Curacao. So, you can find just about anything you are looking for.

Good luck.

Happy New Year!

Carnival Parade dates for those arriving to Curaçao by specific ships in port in January and February:

January 31 Horse Parade 12.00-18.00
February 7 Children's Carnival Parade 12.00-18.00
February 15 Children's and Teen's Farewell Parade 14.00 -18.00
Eurodam/ Grand Princess:
February 16 Grand Farewell Carnival Parade 17.00 -24.00

This is the Curaçao site: , for all relevant information.