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Hello friends! My friends and I are planning a 15 day Caribbean vacation starting mid February next year. The draft for plan goes like this - a week in a resort, visiting beaches, knowing the island culture closely and then embark on a week long cruise that covers other Caribbean islands. We have already reserved the stay in the Barbados resort named The Crane and is now looking for a cruise line that covers Caribbean islands in 7 days time. We know about Carnival cruises, Royal Caribbean cruises although none of us have any experience in Caribbean cruises. So I would like advice on which is the best cruise line that we could go cruising. I hope people who actually went on Caribbean cruising could help us with this. Thanks!
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WE have done about 50 Caribbean cruises , on many lines including RCCL, Celeberity, Hal, Costa, MSC and Princess ( and others) in general we prefer RCCL but it depends on what islands you want to see and also what ship, some ships are better than others


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You stated that you have already reserved a hotel on Barbados which would indicate that you probably intend to cruise from Barbados. There are not many cruise lines that originate from Barbados and then a good number of them are longer than 7 days. Barbados cruises sail from Bridgetown for the most part so if your hotel is not in the proximity of Bridgetown you will also need to consider transportation as well.
Next and most important issue is that cruise ships depart on strict schedules so you will need to coordinate your last days stay at the hotel with the sailing date of the cruise ship. As far as cruise lines go most sailings that will be 7 day will most likely limit you to Carnival. Sea Dream, and Silversea. Of the three Sea Dream and Silversea are upscale high end and also high $$$ lines, Carnival is the mainstream line with a value price and also provides the widest selection of sailing dates as it does constant 7 day where the other to mix with 10, 14 day or more sailings.

Might be time to consider connecting with a good travel agent.