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Caribbean Princess ... AFT BB Cabin

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by GStonelake, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. GStonelake

    GStonelake Guest

    I am booked in a BB aft cabin (B753) on Caribbean Princess. I read several posts on other sites that have complained about a beam running through the balcony. Does anyone know what this is? This cabin was on only aft cabin left. Would it be better to move mid-ship? Has this beam caused anyone problems? I called the cruise line, they stated that there was no obstructions on the balcony of this cabin. If anyone has any info would appreciate it. Thanks
  2. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Here is a photo of the Stern of the Caribbean P and your cabin will be one level down from the top and three balconies in from the right. Looks like there might be part of the superstructure located on the one side of your balcony but certainly NOT enough to warrant changing cabins IMO. The Aft balconies are some of the MOST sought after cabins due to the privacy and lack of wind while the ship is in transit. I would say stick with your cabin and I think U will enjoy it. :thumb

    <img src=http://www.cruise-addicts.com/picturepost/image.php/2311/1st_week_The_butt_and_the_spoiler.jpg>
  3. SRBX2

    SRBX2 Guest

    Im also booked in C752, but on the Star. Our ships are very similar. I thought the cabins were the same, til just now I realized that the Caribbean has one extra deck (riviera). Either way, I am thinking you must be referring to the 2 beams that support to the skywalkers nightclub on the top deck, one on each corner. There does seem to be a blind spot there but the balcony appears to goes passed it so that you can see around it a little. I don't know for sure, but this may actually help keep the wind down. Have a look at this website and find your cabin,


    It shows a doorway alongside our cabins leading to what must be steps for maintenance to go up the beam.

    Oh well, I can't say because I have never been, we will have to keep our fingers crossed :)

    Enjoy your cruise.
  4. redcrown

    redcrown Guest


    I had B752 on the Caribbean Princess which is more towards the port side (3 cabins in) B753 is 3 cabins in from the starboard side. There is a support beam running down into your balcony. You do lose a little space, but we were able to put 2 lounge chairs out on the balcony. As you walk out (on ours) the beam came down halfway out on our left side, facing aft. So we just put the lounges right next to each other on the right facing the wake. We stacked the table and 2 chairs between the slider and the beam. When we had breakfast on the balcony, we put the table and one chair on the other side of the beam and I sat at the foot of the lounge. Yes I would have preferred not having a beam, as we did lose space, but it was easy to work around.
  5. GStonelake

    GStonelake Guest

    Thanks for the info ... in your opinion would it be better to switch rooms ... no other aft cabins available. Additionally, we have two other individuals traveling with us, but they are staying in an inside cabin ... is the balcony big enough to put a table and four chairs, so we can all have coffee/juice in the morning? Thanks again.
  6. redcrown

    redcrown Guest

    Yes it is. I had two full lounge chairs out on B752. We could still walk out the door and have the table set up against the rail with one of the deck chairs set up against the door to the next balcony. So if you do not have the lounges you will have plenty of room. Just have your cabin steward get you 2 more deck chairs for your friends. I would not give up the cabin. I would not intentionally book B752 but if it was all that was left, then I prefer staying on the stern.
  7. GStonelake

    GStonelake Guest

    thanks for the info again.

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