caribbean sea conditions in february



i'm looking for some info about the sea conditions and weather in february. i have been on many cruises during the early fall season but only one in early january and the seas were very rough and the weaather was very windy. my wife isn't sure she wants to risk going this time of year again.
any help would be appreciated.


Very good question Dennyd. thanks for askin. I personnaly cant help ya. I happen to like rough seas myself. If anyone knows Dennys QUestion, maybe they will also know what the seas will be like next week for me in western caribbean. I pick these early months cause cruises seem to be afforadable.


We've been on cruises 2x in February and found conditions very good for the most part. On the one cruise when we were heading back and our last port of call was Princess Cay it was too windy to tender in and that last day was the coolest of the whole cruise.


Feb in general is about the calmest time in the Caribbean that U will find. :thumb Enjoy!!! :dance



I have been on 6 Caribbean cruises in late January or early February and have never run into rough seas. These cruises have been to the eastern, western and southern Caribbean.


It is so hard to say for sure. I arrived in Galveston in November 2001 a day early for a cruise on Celebration. It was rainy and windy. From my hotel room I looked out and saw high waves and rough seas. I was thinking about how nasty the cruise was going to be. The next day when we boarded it was sunny and nice. That was one of the smoothest rides I ever had. Three years ago we were on Explorer of the Seas in January. There were 30 knot cross winds and it was a bit bumpy to say the least. Ya just never know.

I with dusky. I like a little bit of a bumpy ride...makes you remember you're on a ship =sinking

Cruise cutie

I have had ONE rough sea day on 7 Caribbean cruises in February..go figure.. and of course it was nasty that day.. :grin.. but since we average 10 day to 2 week cruises.. I'd say those are pretty darn good numbers...Happy cruising!!...:)..Joanne


I am leaving for my 5th cruise in February next month, and I hope it is as good as all the rest. Just like Rosie, they have been all over the caribbean, and not one of them has had rough seas. I usually cruise the larger ships, and have a cabin midship to better my chances in case the seas are rough, but so far, so good. I think it's just the luck of the draw for weather. I took one cruise in January, and the ship was rocking and rolling, but I think that was a fluke. But I think the odds are good you will be just fine!!