Carival Paradise Sept.2nd. Am I all alone?



I am STILL trying to find some Cruise Addicts that will be aboard Paradise over Labor Day week(Sept2nd-9th). I think that my sisters and I are all alone on this ship! Out of 2000 passengers isn't there any of you sailing with me?? Do you know anyone that is booked on our sailing? I would love to hear from fellow cruise mates. Feel free to Email me. B)


I am sailing on Sept 2 nd but on the Vision and I think I am alone on it. Sure should have good service.


You two are funny!!

It is odd how noone seems to be sailing at the times we are sailing and on the ship we are sailing! However, this time we discovered one person through this BB with whom we will meet on our May 26 sailing. We are excited to me her and her husband for coffee on board.

I sometimes wonder if people are reluctant to say they are on the same ship (providing that they ARE going on the same ship/sametime) because they think they will be stuck with the people they meet for the rest of their cruise (in case they are JUST wanting to meet and that is all). Well, one can certainly not plan to meet again if they don't want to by just saying they are busy the rest of the cruise, which is not too great a stretch of the truth.

Anyway, if we were on your ships we would certainly plan to meet at least once. Who knows one might find out that they truly like the people.

Right, Bensleys???