Carnival Air from NYC to Barcelona

Hi, we are booking a cruise on the Sunshine from Barcelona to Venice for August 2013 :):biggrin:
Does anyone know the air add on (approx) from NYC??
Should we just arrange our own is is the air add on worth it?
Thanks for any info


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I never use add on air BUT then again have never flown to England or Europe for a cruise.

Sometimes it can be a very secure feeling to know that the ones you are paying are the ones that have to cover your butt. Using add on air the cruise line is responsible for getting you there and covering any expenses that are incurred when something goes wrong. That's the upside.
The down side is that it is usually like flying Southwest, you usually can't get there from here, three stops, two plane changes, flying at the most inconvenient times known to man but it's not as cheap as Southwest. The only exception to that is to pay for a deviation that lets you pick your own schedule.

Add on should be able to be quoted to you by your travel agent or a Carnival customer service rep and in this case would be well worth some detective work and comparing it against what you can get on your own, especially if you are a little savvy in booking air on your own.

I would consider no less than 36 hours on the ground in Barcelona prior to your cruise, more if you want to see a bit of Barcelona before your cruise, sometimes add on air does not allow for time windows, they put you on the ground and your off to the ship, this is where deviation comes in handy, you still get the security of the cruise line being responsible but you get the flexibility of choosing your own timing.
Hi! We fly from Canada for all our cruises.Because you are going in August I would think there would be plenty of Airlines to choose from.We prefer to fly in a day or two early just to be on the safe side and Barcelona is a beautiful location with lots of great hotels.Also then you have the freedom to stay a few days in Venice if you wished.We have done our flights this way for years . If you are computer savvy and enjoy doing your own booking it is fun. Trip Adviser is great to find out all kinds of info.Enjoy your cruise what ever you do.We are doing Rome to Venice next year!!!


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For Barcelona, I'd recommend arranging your own air. As you will be flying from New York, you should be able to get a non-stop flight. Cruise line air arrangements can put you on any combination of flights. On our trip to Barcelona (from Boston, via Madrid), our luggage was not put on the plane in Madrid until later in the day. My BIL and SIL had the same experience on the reverse trip. So, I'd advise going non-stop whenever possible, if the cost difference is not huge. (For Europe cruises, they are sometimes around the same.)

Edited to add: I totally missed that your return is from Venice. I'd suggest calling your TA or NCL to inquire about the price for these flights as they are called open-jaw (arriving to and returning from different cities), and they may be less expensive through the cruise line. Then, check the pricing yourself on Orbitz or a similar site (without purchasing) to determine what is more worth it to you.
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