Carnival Cabin Categories...some tips.


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There was a post in the chat room asking about cabins on Carnival. It occurred to me that some people might not know about the recent changes in Carnival’s category designations and some of the things to watch for when choosing a cabin on Carnival.

The designation of Category 4 inside, category 6 ocean view and category 8 balcony remains the same, however, the A B C etc no longer determine the deck, they now determine location of forward, mid ship or aft as well as which deck.

Suites, formerly known as category 11 and 12, are now called OS and GS. One thing to watch for when booking a suite is on the Fantasy class ships. On these ships, there is an additional suite category OB on Verandah Deck. Cabins V30-42 and V21-27 in cat OB have obstructed views. There are lifeboats hanging in front of the balcony. On the newer ships you might see category 7A which indicates obstructed view. The obstruction here is the lifeboat is on the deck below. You can look straight out of the balcony but when you look down you see the top of the boat.

Another change is that the former 5A, Ocean View with Port Hole is now called category PT and are now categorized as an inside cabin. It is not an inside cabin at all. The former designation Ocean View with Port Hole Windows is correct. Recently, Carnival has been running a free upgrade promotion. In some cases people have been “upgraded” from the PT to a category 4 inside. The only reason I can think of that it is considered an “upgrade" is that the PT cabins are all the way forward on the ship and the insides are more mid ship. To me, this is not an upgrade. I would rather have port holes all the way forward than an inside. I have had several bookings where I declined the upgrade so my passengers could have the port hole cabins.

Finally, there is category 1A. 1A is a slightly smaller cabin with bunk beds. One upper and one lower. 1A is usually the cheapest cabin on the ship. You’d be amazed how many people book online and choose the cheapest cabin without paying attention to the cabin description and end up with bunk beds. One good thing about the 1A is if you’re traveling solo, the single supplement is not as much as it is in the other categories. Finally, a little known fact about 1A’s. On most of the newer ships starting with Conquest Class there are 1A’s with port hole windows and others with a twin bed and sleeper sofa rather than the upper/lower configuration.

Happy booking!
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