Carnival Conquest room question

Hi everyone!

My mom and I are about to sail on our first cruise!!! We are booked on the Carnival Conquest with a balcony room on the 6th floor. We are trying to decide it it would be worth a little extra money to upgrade to the 9th floor deck.

I've read on other forums that sometimes the 6th floor can be noisy. Does anyone have any experience with either a balcony room on the 6th vs 9th floor?

Any input would be appreciated!

Thanks so much!
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Choosing a cabin is a more science than you might think. While I would not make a blanket statement about all cabins on deck six, you should be aware of what is above you and below you.

Above you are more cabins - that is good. Below you are public spaces. Some public spaces (like the library) and quite - that is good. Some public spaces (like the disco) are very noisy. That is okay if you are in the disco. That is not so good if you are in the cabin above the disco and you are trying to sleep. That said, I would say more than 50 percent of the cabins on deck six have the potential for being noisy.

You don't have to upgrade all the way to deck nine. All of the deck seven cabins are good since all have cabins above and below.

Deck nine is okay if you stay forward of the elevators. However, being that far forward means your cabin will pitch (up and down movement) more than a cabin near the middle of the ship will. Also, the higher you go the more you will feel the roll (side to side movement) of the ship. That said, it has been my experience that if the ship is rocking, the entire ship is rocking.

While I have not been on the Conquest, I have been on two of its sisters (the Glory and the Freedom). The Conquest, Valor, Glory, Liberty and Freedom are all the same except for the interior color scheme and the room names (the layout is the same). On the Glory I was in a rear facing balcony cabin on deck seven. On the Freedom I was in a side facing balcony cabin on deck nine (9253). Here are some pictures.

Some of the pictures are claiming to have been moved. They have not been. I don't know what is wrong. All the pictures are showing properly in my review - (go to Sunday, June 12 for the cabin photos) ...

Cabin 9253 ...

A view of the port side balconies ...

A view along the port side ...

A view along the starboard side of the Glory ...

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Thanks so much for the info.

I don't think there were anymore balcony rooms on 7 so our travel agent said we could move up to 8 or 9. I just thought 9 might be better, but I guess 8 would be just as good.

I think we would be above the arcade or promenade if we stayed on six.



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I always check what is above or below. As Cruiser pointed out cabin above and below would be my preference as well. ON Carnival Victory they put us in a cabin above the lounge in the casino. The bass guitar from the raggae band in the lounge rattled the picture frame on our wall. Not pretty.


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Then you should have asked your room steward for a prettier picture frame.
Now the rest of the story... I had been told by Carnival that there was no entertainment in that lounge...drinks only. Someone from housekeeping came to the cabin and agreed that the noise was excessive. We asked to be moved but were told the ship was full. Did I believe a ship sailing from San Juan in September was full? No...but what could I do? I knew that people doing the Barbados round trip cruise would be disembarking on Wednesday so I asked if we could be moved then. They said they would have to see if the ship would be full. Did I believe they didn't already know? No...but what could I do? As it turned out they did move us as we left Barbados. When we got to the new room the "Carnival Fun Times" was on the bed. It was dated September 12...the day the ship left San Juan!!! That cabin had been empty the whole time!! :hammer: I was pretty angry...not because we hadn't been moved sooner but because we had been lied to. :madd: I didn't complain I was just glad to be moved. So much for good customer service on Carnival Victory. (one of the reasons I didn't write a review on that cruise)
Well, I just found out that our room is partially above "Henri's Dance Club" and the arcade...I would think that would make for a loud night?