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Carnival coupons $100 off?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by cfarley, May 25, 2005.

  1. Taillon

    Taillon Guest

    We booked last fall. The thing I noticed with Carnival is that the price you find does not include all the other charges...when we factored everything in Sams Club was cheaper. Maybe it is not true now...not sure. 637 per person seems like a good deal to me...do you agree?
  2. cfarley

    cfarley Guest

    Yea, that is a great price. That's why I asked. I was looking at cruises for next year and comparing the differance. The only thing I can find differant in price is the free upgrade. Other than that, it is exactly the same price. You must have been at the right place at the right time. Becuase you can't touch that price now, Sams or not.

  3. Taillon

    Taillon Guest

    Oh ok...I was thinking you meant we paid more! LOL Well, a free upgrade would be nice!! We have never cruised before so this time we just went with cheapest cabin. We figure we won't be in the cabin much anyway but I am sure it really would be nice to upgrade. This was a stretch on the budget anyway....now we have the excursion costs too! But we are going to enjoy every second of it!!!
  4. wannagonow

    wannagonow Guest

    I've seen these coupons listed on ebay and think it's sad that somone would charge for them. There is certain criteria you have to meet for them to be valid and you can't combine them with other promotions. I think I have 3 coupons for Carnvial and maybe some for another cruise line. Please let me know if you are needing one of the coupons and I will mail it to you..I think they expire the end of 2005
  5. Taillon

    Taillon Guest

    How do I find out if I can use them with a Sams Club cruise?
  6. We are going on the Legend on 11/1 and if you still have one of those coupons left, I sure would appreciate one. Do you have any left? Please let me know where to send the self addressed stamped envelope to....if you would like me to pay for it, just ask. I checked with my TA and he said it was applicable to our cruise. Thanks, by the way for offering it on the boards like you did. I really do........

  7. Erinm

    Erinm Guest

    I sent mine in a few weeks ago and I will be getting a $100 shipboard credit. Sounds great to me! I guess they do work.
  8. R&K in NC

    R&K in NC Guest

    I would like one of these coupons if you still have them available. I can send you a self-addressed envelope if you would like.

  9. wannagonow

    wannagonow Guest

    Please check your private messages. Thanks
  10. nimbex

    nimbex Guest

    I have the entertainment cp's. it says to have your agent use code cpep, your agents payment is lowered with this cp. just fyi, if they're saying no

    anyone need one pm me
  11. nimbex

    nimbex Guest

    forgot to add this only works on a 6A-12 category
  12. R&K in NC

    R&K in NC Guest

    I am new to this but I do not have any private messages in my box

    Am I doing something wrong?

  13. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    I got $100 off a cruise I book directly through Carnival from a coupon I received in March / April of 2002 from Carnival (my first cruise with Carnival was January 2001). I booked the ship in April 2002, did not cruise until May 2004. I sent the coupon to Carnival via certified mail. I did receive a $100 credit toward the final price.

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