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Carnival Dream review

cruiser kat

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Hello Jamman
You have set my mind at ease with your carnval dream post We sail on feb2011 and so far. There have been a large number of unfavourable post on the dream {carnival web pages}. My wife was getting quit concerned as we have newbies with us ths time Also it is her retirement cruise. you did a great job with your outline All is well again .

thankyou , happy sailing,
cruiser kat


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Great review, thanks a lot. We're taking this cruise next March and I was just about to start looking for a hotel for a night before stay. It sounds like you really enjoyed the Radisson and they had a shuttle to the pier. I will definitely be checking them out.
Outstanding Review! I made the same trip on April 24th and loved it so much I booked a western caribbean may 14 of next year. WOW!!!!!!!!!!:beach:
Thanks Jamman for your review! My husband and I are going for 14 days May 7, 2011. We're really excited. It seems so far off. Anyone else going during the time? Would love to meet you.


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You will find that everybody has there opinion on cruising or different ships.

What I have noticed is that if your an anul person you will have problems but if your down to earth out to enjoy, then you will have the time of your life.

My wife and I were on this ship jan of this year and we loved it.
only problem is I like mid size ships, my wife loved this ship to the max.
My family of 7 were on the "Dream" cruise from February 12-19. It was everything but a dream. I guess were are in the minority when I read all the reviews of this cruise but for the amount of money we spent while on this boat we could have had a nice relaxing week in Hawaii. The Eastern caribbean islands are amazing so I would suggest flying there and spending the week. Drinks are over 8$ each. and a 1/2 can of coke is $2.35. They boast about the clubs for the young kids but my children of 16 and 18 found them empty the entire cruise. Most kids at that age are not "clubbing" because they are not old enough. The under 18 club was empty every night and my kids were told to go to bed one night by ship security while sitting on the deck meeting others their age. It is the "fun ship" as long as the "free fun" ends at 9pm. Hot tubs which are not hot enough to keep the chill off, pools, sports, waterslides all close early. The only thing to do at night is spend more money. The casino is set to make money for the ship. The shows are good unless you have ever been to Vegas and seen real talent. This ship rocked so badly that many people were sick and I helped many elderly people after falling down. The spa is incredibly over priced. A massage is at least $150 more than you would pay at any local spa near your home. And what is with the photo taking all over the ship every night in front of fake backgrounds. Am I the only one who realizes you could do this at home in a local photo studio for much less money? While this cruise was presented as a great deal on sale for less than $600 for a 7 day cruise. My sail and sign card presented me with over $700 in charges. I drink very little and purchased nothing to keep. The shore excursions are also upcharged to make money for the cruise line. A dolphin swim will cost you $249 if you let them book it, OR you can take a 4$ cab ride and pay $120 to do the same swim. Cruising is the biggest rip off of old peoples money I have ever seen. This is a scam as bad as Tammy Fay Baker had going. If you want a warm tropical vacation. Get in a plane and fly to an island and save yourself a few thousand. While the food is in abundance, does anyone really want Thanksgiving to last for 7 days? The majority of the people on this cruise needed to be on a diet anyway.