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Carnival drops the ball on Sensation 9/10 passengers

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Mhou7572, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Mhou7572

    Mhou7572 Guest

    Shame on Carnival for not informing any of their paying customers in a timely manner that have booked on Sensation 9/10/05 .

    We chose to cruise on Sensation, and in good faith committed to this contract, and made payment in full. I have called several times a day and e-mailed Carnival only to be told to "just keep checking back for updates". Yet, they somehow decided to inform those sailing on Sept 1st, 5th and the 11th about port changes. What about those sailing on the 10th! How long do you need to make a decision ? If the cruise is cancelled those booked would have had the option to make different plans!

    We had made flight arrangements through Yahoo Travel and hotel arrangements through Harrah's. I commend both for responding to me! Harrah's called me directly and offered to make changes for me but I couldn't tell them anything because Carnival dropped the ball. Yahoo made flight changes for me; Delta and Yahoo waived all penalties and fees to make different flight arrangements! WoW, I am impressed!

    I know many of you will say how selfish I am and only thinking about myself but you must understand that we must keep going and these states need us to come and spend money to bring revenue into their cities, keep people working and hopefully keep us from spiraling into a depression!

    It's almost 7 days left for my cruise, I have no updated information to make any changes for my travel plans and salvage some parts of my vacation. I probably have lost all my money on this cruise and I think since Carnival was so lax in taking care of their paying customers that they should at least let us donate all the money lost on this cruise to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund! At least it would not be going back into Carnivals pocketbook!
  2. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    I'm confused...what happened? Did they cancel your cruise? Change your departure port? Are they not giving you a refund?? You never say in your post exactly what the problem is, just that Carnival won't call/email you back.
  3. Mhou7572

    Mhou7572 Guest

    Sorry about the confusion!

    No the cruise has not been cancelled.
    No, Carnival has not changed the departure from New Orleans port.
    No, they won't give me a refund. (already discussed this with Carnival)

    So............looks like I am one of the lucky ones leaving from New Orleans port on Sept 10th! Yeah! I won't have to cancel my hotel reservations (should have plenty rooms available in New Orleans from what CNN says) , I won't have to scramble to try and find a flight to get me to another port on time for sailing! No wait...............New Orleans is flooded, there are no hotels booking tourist right now, gee, there are no flights flying into the airport ..............Carnival must know more because they have not made any changes and don't have any information .............but keep checking back with us!

    Cruises scheduled prior to mine and after have been notified of the changes. Those sailing on the Sensation 9/10 have not been able to learn any details. Somehow we got overlooked.

    I did take a chance and jump early to get my flight switched to Galveston Tx in hopes they would be sailing from that port since the ship will be returning there from a previous cruise. We can not get any information from Carnival at all when, if, or what changes will be made and time is running out to make any changes in travel arrangements.
  4. I think you realize that you will not be leaving from New Orleans, and it is frustrating to not know where from though. My bet would be Galveston, but who knows, they may go to Tampa. Carnival's official line is that they have not commited to the port of Galveston for Sensation past the 5th of Sept. I don''t think you have been overlooked, I would guess that they just do not know at this point.
  5. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Maybe this will help...


    It says:

    All guests whose bookings have been cancelled will be offered full refunds and will have the opportunity to re-book their cruise on any Carnival ship. Guests who re-book on any Carnival ship will receive a $100 per person shipboard credit.

    So....you should either be getting a refund or have an opportunity to sail on another ship, for free + a $100 credit.
  6. randk

    randk Guest

    I dont think you need to worry none. Your not going to be sailing at all the sensation. It has been contracted out as emergency housing for victims of the hurricane. Check this site for info plus you can check carnival web site also. Sorry to be the one to inform you.
  7. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    The people who have their cruise cancelled and can transfer to another carnival ship-- is there a price they have to pay?? or can they just trasfer the booking?

    If the availabity is there for the same category it was for free but since there is not a lot left if you booked an inside and there is no more left it will cost you to upgrade to the higher category- If this is true I dont think that is very fair.
  8. randk

    randk Guest

    Best thing to do is get ahold of Carnival and your TA and let your feelings be known. I agree that in their decision to help it has also impacted other people. Trust me when I say that Carnival will be paid well for the use of these ships. I would bet that they will get more this way than if the ships where out cruising with paying passengers. Please forgive me if this comes out as if I do not care about these people. I do care, we have freinds that are displaced because of this. I do look at it as a milestone for us as a nation and way for the poor to make a differnce. Why not take the able bodied give them shelter, food and pay them a very good wage to come back and clean and rebuild New Orleans. Every one that comes their homes will be cleaned and rebuilt or a new build First. Not last or second but first. I now i would go back instead of sitting in a shelter saying oh help and why months of this. Anyway wrong place to say this. Anyway contact your ta and let them know. I do know my Carnival stock will drop big time now.
  9. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Your cruise for Sept 10th was cancel. At least you have a week to figure out what to do. The people who were cruising tomorrow only had 2 days. (thats the bright side of it)
  10. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    The word Disaster doesnt mean inconvenience. Carnival, along with thousands of other businesses and agencies are dealing with untold human suffering and chaos. its a freaking DISASTER!!!!. Its very definition means there is no orderly way to deal with it. How is Carnival supposed to know where your cruise will take place. these things are planned years in advance and then they have days to figure out completely new logistics?

    I wonder how many cruisers called carnival and said, "hey if you need the ship to help out with relief efforts, feel free and I'll catch another one later".. I doubt I need more than 1 hand to count that one.

    Millions of people (americans) have lost everything and you're worried about where to meet your cruise ship for your vacation?. Sorry, but that gets to me..

    In the end, carnival solved your problem, they chose to listen to the cries of the suffering over the whines of the complaining..
  11. Helen233

    Helen233 Guest

    People should be counting their blessings, praising God that they have RUNNING WATER, A TOILET THAT FLUSHES, showers, their own bed, their own food. The tragedy in New Orleans is horrendous.

    I for one am NOT GOING TO COMPLAIN anymore about anything, I have changed my tune, I will not complain if my house is dirty anymore, if I have too much laundry, if I am tired or even if I am in pain.

    I will not complain about having my mother in law live with me anymore either. I have been griping about that for almost a year ( her apartment in my house is not done yet)


    May God have mercy on the victims of Katrina, and may it be a WAKE UP CALL for the rest of us.

    Have a blessed Sunday,
  12. Smilingtman

    Smilingtman Guest

    I lost every thing in Charley last year, So I have some what of a feeling those people are feeling.

    I am going on a cruise 9/8 out of tampa and if they called me right before or even as we are going to board and they said that it has been cancelled so the ship can go and help, I would not be agree or pissed about it. Take a look around you and see all the things you have right down to what you are wearing and then think of what if you lost it all in a minute and you only had what is on your back (not easy to do).

    My heart goes out to those in the areas that have been hit.

  13. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    Carnival called our agency an hour ago to advise us we had a client on that sailing as well. Passengers booked on that sailing will receive a full refund and a $100 per person shipboard credit on their next sailing (usually it is only $100 per cabin not per person so they've actually doubled it). In leiu of the refund Carnival has offered to rebook our clients on the Ecstacy on the 10th. Southwest airlines has agreed to change their ticket to Houston at no charge. Not bad for an hours' work. What more could be asked for from the cruise line or the airline =huh

    The good news is that the young lady I spoke with (who is doing nothing but advising passengers and agencies of the Sensation cancellations) told me that most of the people she is calling, while disappointed, are very nice and very understanding. Only "a few" complainers she told me but I am glad I don't have her job today. :dizzy
  14. chste

    chste Guest

    I was also booked on the sensation. They booked us on the conquest out of Galvestion. My daughter and son-in-law had interior rooms so for a little extra they now have rooms to be assigned, interior.
    I had a window room and for a lot extra could have the same thing. I chose to take what I could get, hope
    it isn't in the basement. The did however give us 100 each ship credit. The airlines changed the tickets
    for the same price, which was great as they are now 611 a ticket and I only paid 285. I'm not sure about a 7 day instead of 5. Anyone have any thoughts on that. I'm afraid that is toooo long. Any one know the
    web address for captain marvin, I keep reading that is a good place for excurisions.
  15. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    7 days too long???? I am booked on and 11 and I am already complaining it may be toooooo Short!!!
  16. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

  17. JESUS CHRIST GIVE PEOPLE A CHANCE TO THINK AND WORK OUT THE LOGISTICS OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!! ha!... now that that's off my chest:

    (dude, it's like 11 PM on Sunday night... trust me, people are working on it... it's not as EASY as it SEEMS!!!!!)


    September 3, 2005

    Dear Carnival Guest:

    Carnival Cruise Lines has chartered the Sensation to the Military Sealift Command (MSC) on behalf of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as part of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. As a result, we have cancelled all Sensation departures from September 5, 2005, through and including March 2, 2006.

    We sincerely apologize for these cancellations and hope that you will choose to rebook another Carnival sailing. Please note that the Sensation, along with the Ecstasy and the Holiday that are also being chartered to MSC, will undergo extensive refurbishment following this charter.

    We will provide guests that were fully deposited on September 3, 2005, and that rebook prior to December 31, 2006, with $100 per person shipboard credit valid on all future Carnival departures.

    All guests will receive a full refund of their cruise fare and these refunds will be processed in two to four weeks.

    Again, we sincerely apologize for these cancellations. We hope you will understand that the decision to enter into these charters was the right one as it will provide desperately needed housing for thousands of individuals affected by this natural disaster.


    Vicki L. Freed, CTC
    Senior Vice President - Sales and Marketing
  18. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    I cant believe anyone would be so selfish as to feel bad their caribbean cruise got cancelled over this when the cruiseline said hey full refund and a 100 shipboard credit...... you get to go anyways, just not when you were supposed to, you got an extra hundred to spend,,,, i just cant see how people could be upset over this, imagine telling someone who lives in New orleans, how pissed off you are your cruise got cancelled , while your standing next to what used to be their home, that now underwater , with all their possesions gone and ruined, and their spouse is missing or dead,,,, ???? Do you think theyd be sympathetic to your problem,,, get some perspective folks..,.. some of us including myself have cruises stacked 3 or 4 high,,, we are some of the luckiest people in the world to be able to cruise , and be cruise addicts,,, and we cant see that some poeple dont even have a pot to piss in right now, let alone food water and loved ones,,, and one of us here in this lucky lucky community is concerned about missing a vacation,..that is being refunded and credited anyways, youve got to be kidding me ughhhhhhhhhhhh
  19. randk

    randk Guest

    I know I am going to get my butt kicked over this but here goes, (I hope I can explain this pretty good).
    I dont think you see what may also be happening to some of thses people that are having their vacation cruises taken away. Some folks have planned months for this cruise. Some folks may have a window to take thier vacation in. My wife cannot take vacations from Oct to March because of the work load, she is a RRT. Now all of a sudden thru no fault of their own it gets cancelled. I dont belive they are upset over WHY the cruise has been cancelled, just that thier vacation has been cancelled. I dont blame them for that. We plan our next cruise while we are on the cruise procedding. When we get off the ship we are on the phone to our TA booking the next one. To have it cancelled on us, yes i will be honest, i would be upset also. Maybe they have tried to get another cruise but have been told by the cruise line, sorry but that one and that one and yes that one is sold out also. Sorry we cant do this or do that but maybe next time. Would you be upset also? Be honest, you would want to vent somewhere and guess what this is somewhere. So while you are raising cain with them, and yes me to now, try to see it from their side also. This hurricane has touched and affected many in differnt ways, for me my bussiness profits will take a large large hit, (yes i work to make a profit so i can pay my bills support my family and take a vacation and afford some nice things once in awhile like a computer and internet service.) The farmers in the midwest will need to find another port to export thier products, building materails will become higher priced in the midwest and really all over. So I guess my point is every one has been affected by this one way or another so why not let them vent, they have a right also. Ok let it rip, I have large shoulders and can take it, just be nice and no name calling.
  20. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    What Im trying to put into perspective is that while some people will have to wait a year to take their cruise until its opportune with work schedules, SOME people will be out of HOME for a year,,,,or more,,,, ya know what though, you got the refund, and you get to book another, so since you already took the week off from work, stay home relax, get the rest you need, your still going to have your cruise, just not right now,,,,, thats the point im trying to make,,, while some people cant get away ,some people cant even EAT, it just really hurts me that people are more worried about themselves and a vacation that they are going to get anyways with 200.00 more in spending money they didnt have in the first place,,, then the people who are homeless, hungry , grieving, and sick..... why all of us here ARE OBVIUOSLY more fortunate, I understand working hard and waiting for a cruise, I bring home 502.41 a week, I live paycheck to paycheck,,, Ive learned how to budget and finagle things, so that as you can see i have 3 cruises stacked, im not rich by any means,,, i cant afford to take 11 day cruises, or fly down 3 days early and stay in hotels... im actually waiting for a refund on one of my cruises i cancelled out of the three listed below so that i could donate that to the red cross, my company will match dollar for dollar, yes life goes on in other parts of the country, but since this forum directly relates with cruises, and some of us are upset that its cancelled, i think that we could be a little more understanding that even if the port of NOLA was open for business, how naseated Id be watching myself leave for a caribbean vacation, while thousands of people only minutes from the cruise port are waiting to get their next bowl of soup, or clean diapers for their kids,,,,, meanwhile a server just handed me a mango tango, and things are bright and shiny as I sail away , turning my head to all the misery behind me,,,, sorry i just cant empathize with those whos cruises were cancelled.

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