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Carnival drops the ball on Sensation 9/10 passengers

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Mhou7572, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. 2funcruzin

    2funcruzin Guest

    I don't think everyone realizes what is happening here...

    Yes they are told their cruise has been cancelled and they will receive $100/credit. However, on the cruises they are trying to rebook them on there may not be a comparable room available therefore they are being asked to pay the difference in rooms which in some cases is costing more than $100 so your not really getting anything from them. So if you've booked & paid for your vacation then you have to pay more because Carnival has "changed" their contract with you. Now had you changed your contract with Carnival you would be penalized severely.

    Yes everyone should focus on these poor folks whose homes have been destroyed. Many people who are booked on cruises have volunteered for these folks, have donated money & time. I don't find it selfish at all for them to ALSO be concerned about their lives and what they have going.
  2. randk

    randk Guest

    well said and point taken 2funcruzin
  3. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    My heart is broken, and I pray for all those in the south who have lost everything. And I feel bad for those who have lost out on their cruises. I do try and see it from all points of view. Yet I still don't see why people complain if they find out their cruise was cancelled because of the Hurricane. Yeah I know, maybe they had their hearts set on that particular cruise. And maybe there isn't any other cruise available at that particular time they were scheduled for vacation at their work. It sucks that you can't go on a cruise, I totally understand that. But there's always next year, right? Who says you can't try again next year?? And plus, its not like cruising is the only way to vacation. There are billions of places to go and see. There are so many other vacation spots to choose from. Stay at a caribbean resort or anything! Choose your next favorite vacation spot.... at least you get that opportunity. Unlike the people who are suffering so much worse then you.

    You're lucky you can get a vacation. These people suffering down south probably won't get anything like that for a very long time. Or how about, instead of using your vacation time by spending all that vacation money on fun for yourself in some exotic caribbean place, why not spend your vacation time in your home(because you have one, unlike those in the south) and donate that vacation money to the American Red Cross to help with the Katrina relief efforts? Just an idea. wouldn't that be good for not just you but many others as well? Just look, you have so many alternatives, while many people are not as fortunate. You know?

    I'm not trying to be mean about this at all, and I do try and see it from everyones point of view... those people in New Orleans and other areas, as well as those who have lost out on their cruises, and every other view there may be. Like people have said, this disaster has effected so many lives in many different ways. And I can't even imagine what any of those people are going through. I feel bad for everyone, its a real real sad situation. I pray for the people in New Orleans and wish for only good things to come for them every day, and hope that those who lost out on their cruises are able to find an alternative which they can enjoy almost as much as their cruise they had planned. Make it a fun one, and be thankful you get that opportunity.

    God Bless you all.

  4. randk

    randk Guest

    here is an idea, how about leading the way, cancell your upcoming cruise on the Valor, take your refund and the money you spend on hockey tickets and give to the Red Cross or Salvation Army. than you can tell all of those that lost their vacations there is always next year. Good idea or not? Your serve.
  5. So funny how many travel agents are staying mum about the other perk...
  6. Smilingtman

    Smilingtman Guest

    First off if your heart is SET on a cruise 100% this is not the time of the year. At any moment a strom can pop up and cancell a cruise. If you are dead set on that cruise take it out of hurricane season, the chance of getting cancelled are much much lower.

    I know three ships for six months but remember that we have three more months of hurricane season. That is three month for those ships out of season.

    I learned with Charley last year that things change fast and you never stop watching the storms. Last year charley was about on land then it took a turn and with in about 45 minutes it was on top of Charlotte county. So remember with in 1 hour you can go from breathing freely to loosing every thing you own. I know others on this board live in this area and know what i am talking about.

  7. Smilingtman

    Smilingtman Guest

    One more thing What We went through last year is nothing like this and its been a year and We are NOT even close to being done. Many familys still have no homes.
  8. randk

    randk Guest

    Let me add one more point, I lived at one time in a little gulf coast town called Gautier Ms on hiway 90 and my daughter and son in law and 4 grandchildren live in a town called Crestview Fl. Hurricane season let me see, been there done that no more for me. Point being I do know how to be prepared and to depend on myself not the govenrment, local state or federal. And you are right, take your cruise IF you can during the non hurricane season, but I understand some people, my wife is one, has a small window in which to take vacations due to her job. A respitory thearpist .
  9. serene56 Wrote:
    > The people who have their cruise cancelled and can
    > transfer to another carnival ship-- is there a
    > price they have to pay?? or can they just
    > trasfer the booking?
    > If the availabity is there for the same category
    > it was for free but since there is not a lot left
    > if you booked an inside and there is no more left
    > it will cost you to upgrade to the higher
    > category- If this is true I dont think that is
    > very fair.

    Serene, if they choose to re-book a cancelled booking, it would cost them whatever the new cruise is going for. SO it is true that let's say someone was booked on the Elation and then booked on the Conquest (a newer, larger ship) they would probably find a more expensive cruise than they first booked. At that time the guests needs to make a decision: do I want to book this more expensive cruise and get $100 on board credit, or do I want to look for a cheaper alternative (a shorter cruise, or an older ship maybe?) OR do I want to cancel and get all my money back. Everyone, even cruisers, are being affected...
  10. randk Wrote:

    Trust me when I say that Carnival will be
    > paid well for the use of these ships.

    I don't agree with you. Lack of On-board revenue, loss of old revenue, and compensation costs ALONE will make a great dent in Carnival's earning reports this year. Add to that, that many employees.... such as yours truly... are being paid triple or double (forget overtime) to help handle the massive amount of calls coming into headquarters... LIke I said in another post, I'm going on my 14th straight hour of work... can't think sraight!
  11. randk

    randk Guest

    If they do not make the money on the new fema contracts than they will make it up at tax time. it is called deductions, large business's do not like to take big hits in the wallets no matter what. Read the fine print in the contract even. You cancell you pay a price even though they sell the cabin 5 minutes later. If they cancell on you they give you a 100 and than charge you 500 more to book another cruise. Come now, you know as well as i do they will make money on this deal. I will bet a couple of my shares of carnival stock against a donut hole.
  12. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    randk Wrote:
    > here is an idea, how about leading the way,
    > cancell your upcoming cruise on the Valor, take
    > your refund and the money you spend on hockey
    > tickets and give to the Red Cross or Salvation
    > Army. than you can tell all of those that lost
    > their vacations there is always next year. Good
    > idea or not? Your serve.

    First of all, the Valor cruise isn't even booked yet. And well second of all, I'd say hockey tickets are a little bit different then a planned vacation cancelled not by passenger choice. I don't get to many hockey games, though anyway. its not like I have season tickets or anything. Because I can't afford that, especially NHL (Redwings) season tickets. I can barely afford a vacation once a year. And besides, what you are suggesting is different then what I was suggesting. I don't think you understand what I was saying anyway. Because it was only a suggestion to those who have had their vacation planned and that can only have that specific time off their work or can't get their vacation time changed. And/or can't get on another cruise/ship/line.

    See, even if my cruise was booked... for me to call and cancel an already booked cruise is different then what some people are dealing with. They are dealing with a cancellation not by their choice. And so if I was in their situation. If I couldn't change my vacation time at work, and if I couldn't get on that specific cruise that I wanted to be on, or if I couldn't get on a different ship at that time, or on a different cruise line at that time my vacation was planned for then you know what... I would definitely consider holding off on re-booking a cruise for this year/ next 6months-- and giving my cruise re-funded money to the Red Cross.

    Geeze, didn't you read my full post?? I thought I was pretty specific and pretty clear on things. And tried not to sound too mean or too harsh. Because thats not what I was implying.

    I'm not suggesting to not even TRY and do what you can for yourself to re-book your cruise/vacation. Because I know, you have had that planned and were looking forward to that. I even suggested just going to a caribbean resort... I said choose an alternative, choose your second favorite vacation spot. There is nothing wrong with doing something good for yourself. Yes even when people are suffering, because I am sure you are doing all that you can to help those who are suffering, as well. Right? Lord knows, I have been helping them out as much as I can, not as much as I wish I could though. I do donate money to the Red Cross. And when I see little stands set up for the hurricane relief efforts then I donate when I can.

    Choose your second favorite and do it if you can. And make it a fun one, like I said. I wasn't trying to be mean about any of it, I was specific about that, and stated how I hoped that the people who lost out on their cruise could find an alternative that they can enjoy almost as much as their cruise they had planned. Did you see me say that on my other post? Please, ease up on me. Thank you. And God Bless.

  13. randk

    randk Guest


    Ok I will give you a break. after rereading and rereading your post I can see what you are saying. Maybe I just read it wrong but ok . You have to agree though that a cancelled vacation by any means gets some people more upset than others. So let's be friends. by the way in the Detroit area you have a couple of minor league teams that did not go on strike and deserve a look at. beside some of them may one day be in a NHL uniform. LOL just a thought.
  14. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    Well of course I agree with you. Because I have read a few posts of people who were uspset, and a few people who were very understanding of why their cruise got cancelled this time. If it were me, then I'd be very understanding, while on the otherhand "person B" wouldn't be.

    Of Topic here, I'm not from Detroit,,, I'm more near Grand Rapids, Michigan. But someday, and maybe even this year.... definitely next year or within the next 2 or 3 years I'd say... The Redwings will need a few of those a-little-bit-younger-minor-league-boys LOL. This year already is going to be a difficult year for the Redwings,,, and all NHL teams- as the talent is so spread out now because of the salary cap... the teams can't afford their big buck players anymore. I'm just more happy then anything though, that Stevie Y is playing at least one more year of hockey! I'm glad he didn't leave the game the way he did last season, well, last active season (2003). It will be awesome to see him back on the ice again! And I can't wait.... hopefully they'll be some hockey games on tv. :mad

    God Bless.

  15. FEMA just called, they need new doors, Royal Caribbean kept knocking so hard trying to get this fantastic deal Carnival got and that they knocked over the old door.
  16. randk

    randk Guest

    good one coppertone. LOL
  17. bigjimswoman

    bigjimswoman Guest

    I am new to the board but have been on one cruise with HAL last December. Was instantly addicted. I booked 7 for the Sensation leaving November 28 and had to switch to Tampa on November 26, my birthday, (There had better be some roses in my cabin or a DH is going overboard, LOL). I had a bad feeling about NO when I made the booking, told DH we should go out of Tampa. so where do we end up going out of ? TAMPA! Yes, I rode his butt for that one. But I do love this site and am proud to be a Cruise-Addict. My name is Annetta and I am a cruise addict. Look forward to chatting with all the fellow addicts.
  18. randk

    randk Guest

    Welcome aboard, If i were you I would hang on tight because the waves are mighty big around here at this time. Things will settle down shortly and we will be in calm waters once again. LOL
  19. sailboat

    sailboat Guest

    Everybody give yourselves a break. It is OK to be disappointed and it is OK to vent. It does not mean you are some sort of heartless monster. It simply means that you are experiencing a normal human reaction to dissappointment. The storm is the montster. The flooding and misery and death are the monsters. For now, those of us who are in the third or fourth tier of those affected by this storm, don't feel ashamed of being upset if your plans or dreams have been upended.

    That said, along with the venting, please do something to help others. If you are near one of the Red Cross shelters set up in communities, call or stop by and see what they need. If you know of a local collection effort, volunteer to help lug boxes or donate needed items. Even a little bit of help goes a long way. I know. I've been volunteering at a Red Cross shelter here in Mississippi after my travel plans got disrupted. Am I still disappointed that my plans were tossed aside by the storm? You bet. Does it help me to help others? Absolutely.

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