Carnival Elation


Bob Calm

We are leaving on the Elation on December 14, 2003 out of Galveston, Texas.
Our first cruise, how was food?
Where the drinks included with the dinners?
Do you really need a tie when in the dinning room?
Thanks in advanced. BobC


You will love the Elation! We've been on her twice-the last time was just under a year ago. The food was great-in both the dining room and the Tiffany's bar and grill. The 24-hour pizza is an all-time favorite, as are the burgers, grilled chicken, buffet, etc., etc., etc. (Can you tell there is ALWAYS food available?)

I think the only "drinks" included with dinner is ice tea, milk, coffee, tea and that sort of stuff. I believe soft drinks are extra, and liquor drinks and wine are too.

The only time you need to wear a tie in the dining room is during the 2 formal nights. Outside of formal nights, I've seen the more and more casual dress in dining rooms lately, which is fine.

Have a great time on your cruise!