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Carnival Freedom Cabin 1105

Hey All
New to this site but not cruising. Hoping someone can help. We are cruising Freedom out of Ft Lauderdale on 1/5 in cabin 1105 - I have gotten some conflicting information - some say the balcony is not covered - I asked TA to call Carnival and she was assured there is a cover on this balcony, yet other cruisers say no.
I don't really care very much except in the AM and PM we do like to sit outside in our pajamas.. hahah I know it's silly but we have coffee out there and I don't love the idea of someone on deck 12 being able to look over at us :) Any info would be greatly appreciated


Well-Known Member
This is the port side of the Carnival Freedom (you are on the starboard side). These Spa deck (deck eleven) cabins have a covered balcony ...

Here is the starboard side of the Carnival Freedom ...

However, these seven starboard side balconies do NOT appear to be covered ...