Carnival Freedom

Will be going on my very first cruise on Sept 4, 2011... It will also be my honeymoon cruise... Would enjoy meeting anyone who is also going on this particular cruise.... :thankyou:

Thank you for your well wishes... Oh my....2012??? I was about to say that I would go crazy if I had to wait that long but here I've already waited 51 years... My first husband kept having visions of the Titanic and refused to go on one and I sure didn't want to go on one alone... Anyway...Tracey (my fiance) and I are really looking forward to ours... It's been a dream since the days of Love Boat... Are you sailing on Freedom?


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Rachel... Congratulations on your dream come true cruise! I've been on 20 and don't plan to stop.

Enjoy :beach:
Hello Rachel!

I am also going on the Freedom on 9/4/11. This will be my second trip on the Freedom-we went on it in October 2010 and loved it!
i will be traveling on 9-8-2012 im so overly ready i'v started packing my bags.. will have to unpack and iron before we leave..lolol..