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Carnival Fuel surcharge scam!!



I agree with those who feel they had a set price, they paid said price, and now Carnival is raising the agreed upon price. The only problem is, Carnival:

1) Isn't alone
2) Didn't raise the price

1 - All the cruise lines did this. So why single out Carnival? And it is not just the cruise lines, airlines do this too. And it is not just the travel industry. Many contracts, including the cruise contract between the cruise line and the passenger, allow for the passing on of increased costs. It is called a surcharge. Try reading the contract when you have a chance. Besides, the time line allowed for you to cancel penalty free. You had that option, but choose to pay the surcharge instead. Why?

2) It is a surcharge based on the increased cost of the fuel, it is not an increase in the price of the cruise. What happens when the ship is not selling so well and the cruise line lowers the price. Do you call and complain about the refund and/or credit you receive? Do you refuse the price decrease because the cruise line is breaching its contract with you? Do you post that you are going to spend more and increase your tip because of your outrage over the reduction in the agreed upon price?

I have yet to see a post from you (or anyone else for that matter) complaining about price decreases. Using your example of the car dealer, suppose the car dealer sold several cars like yours to other people for less than (s)he sold the car to you. Do you think the car dealer would call you up and notify you of a price decrease? Yet this happens a lot with cruises. In fact, I recently had an agent redo a fully paid reservation I had so I could take advantage of a $100 price decrease in the cost of the cruise. And guess what, that took money out of the agent's pocket. If the agent gets 15%, then the agent lost $15 plus the extra effort it took to get me that price reduction. And you know what, my agent didn't complain at all, which is why I continue to use him.

If you aren't going to complain about price decreases, then you are in no position to complain about surcharges when you are given the opportunity to cancel without penalty.

If you really believed you were in the right, you should have refused the surcharge, then filed a lawsuit and challenged Carnival's right to pass on the increased cost of fuel to you. Not only did you not push the issue with Carnival, you didn't even refuse the surcharge. Then, others, believing that they are following your lead, not only did the same thing, but decided to take it out on the innocent crew, buy reducing or eliminating their tips. After all, if Carnival does something wrong to them, then they have the right to do something wrong to someone else - right? To heck with our court system. Its time we went back to vigilante justice.

Now that I think about it, where are all those people with the instructions on how to share drink cards when we need them? Never mind that those cards are not supposed to be shared. Carnival charges too much for the drinks and now also the fuel, so it is okay to share the drink cards.

Wait, there is more. Lets take tons of food off the ship and help feel all those beggars that we find around the docks. Then we will all feel so good about helping all the down trodden while at the same time sticking it to those evil cruise lines. And the best part is, we can boast about all the good we are doing without sacrificing one dime of our own money - oh wait, I forgot about that fuel surcharge that started all this.

So I agree, pay the fuel surcharge, principal is principal, but your cruise is more important than that - right? And those others, I'll bet they will feel real big and self righteous when they stiff the crew, who they know cannot do anything about it (kind of like the way they feel about the fuel charge I guess). And don't forget to accuse me of working for the cruise line (I don't, but why bother with facts when there is a good insult to be posted). But don't, under any circumstances, actually do the right thing and file a lawsuit against Carnival alleging breach of contract, because that would be inconvenient to you, and we know your principles are important, as long as they don't inconvenience you - right?

The bottom line is, you had the chance to say no without penalty. Instead you choose to say yes and then complain about it. Fine, your choice - go ahead and complain. That is your right. Don't forget to keep complaining when you get on the ship. In fact, if you complain enough, not only will you ruin your vacation, perhaps you can ruin a few others' vacations as well. Then you can blame it all on the fuel charge you decided to accept.

Enjoy your cruise.


It is written in the contract that they can change the price after booking due to fuel surcharge etc. but I dont think a company with a respectful name should..... Just let the people who were previously booked go with no surcharge and charge the new cruisers... Oh and they would be smart to put the surcharge into the price of the cruise... Im sick of looking at cruises that are $499... and the total is almost $800... Its crap and it wont change. Also you may think I will be punishing the workers on the cruise by taking away from the tips but I dont think so. Spending less on the ship may also help you to "punish" carnival but I'm 23 and I'm going to be drinkin alot... I might sneak on alot but I will also buy pleanty of drinks and I will gamble! Truth is you are arguing a point that has nothing to do with you... If I dont want to tip for any reason I will not... Now if you wanna pay x for a cruise plus x for this x for that and then get an additonal surcharge and be happy about it then thats great for you... go start a post about how much you love throwing away your money...


As I said, apparently principles don't matter once it becomes inconvenient
for you. You don't like what Carnival is doing, so you want to get even. But not if it is inconvenient for you. So, you are not going to give up drinking, and you are not going to give up gambling (talking about throwing away money), so instead you will take it out on the innocent crew. Good for you. I hope it makes you feel happy to know you got "even" by picking on someone with less ability do something about an unfair situation than you. Congratulations. Pat yourself on the back for me.


I will pat myself on the back... and walk away with a smile... Thanks for your opinion =docdance


Black 99x I agree with you on your previous post 150%.. You are correct.. It is your money to spend on what you like. It is not right for the cruise line to raise your price or mine after the cruise being paid in full! YOU ARE CORRECT!!


As I said, it is not just Carnival. From the front page news on this board ...

“More than ever, governments are making a lot money off of taxing air travelers,†the candid ETOA executive director said during an exclusive chat with eTN.

If you have traveled recently, a close examination of your ticket may be in order. Do you really know what you are paying for these days? And, in certain cases, one might be slapped with taxes from numerous countries, such as the below itinerary which traveled from the United States, Canada and United Kingdom:

In US dollar, Base Fare 228.00
Fuel Surcharge 140.00
Canada Airport Improvement Fee 23.55
US Transportation Tax 30.20
US Agriculture Fee 5.00
US Passenger Facility Charge 4.50
US Federal Customs Fee 5.50
US Flight Segment Tax 6.80
Canada Quebec Sales Tax 1.22
Canada Goods and Services Tax 1.41
UK Passenger Service Charge 29.20
UK Air Passenger Duty 81.67
September 11 Security Fee 2.50
US Immigration User Fee 7.00
Total airfare and taxes 566.55

The actual fare for the above ticket was US$228, but the taxes and surcharges equal to US$338.55 which unfortunately means that the traveler paid most of the actual total price of US$566.55 to taxes and surcharges.

The fuel SURCHARGE is more than 60% of the base price of the ticket. Carnival only wants $35 a week, which works out to about 6% or less of the price of the cruise.


I firmly believe there are people who go thru life looking for something to complain about. I am very lucky to have never encountered any of these on my 12 cruises. As you slide down the razor blade of life it is much more bearable if you have a smile on your face and a ready laugh. So.......

Merry Christnmas to all, and to all, a great cruise.

Paul S


Well, this has certainly become a lively discussion. :)

I agree with Cruiser. In all my years as a T/A, I've never heard anybody complain about a price decrease. We do gladly rebook people at a lower fare and we don't concern ourselves about the $15 in commission we might have lost because it just isn't enough money to open a vein over....kind of like a $5 per day fuel surcharge.

As I said before, I think the surcharge should have been for new bookings only, but it wasn't. I think the way it was handled was wrong but I'm so over it already.

I'll continue to cruise. I'll continue to love it. I'll continue to show my appreciation to my service people by being an above average tipper. When the time comes that I become so overly frustrated because the cruise line snuk in an extra five bucks a day that I would stiff the people who work so hard to make my cruise enjoyable, I'll stay home. Just my =twocents


I am over the $80.00 and I am going to enjoy my cruise to the fullest. But I am going to cut back on purchases aboard the ship.. As for tipping I always give the waiter a $20.00 bill the first night. I tell him there is more to come for good service, that works really well most times.I do the same for the steward. I also do the conventional tipping , pre paid grats don't always make for the best service. It takes away incentive in my opinion!I am not upset with the employees,but the line for handling it the way they did.Life goes on, be happy!


I was looking on Carnivals web site for another cruise and I noticed that they have the $5.00 per day fuel charge posted in plain sight. I don't mind paying something that I know about before hand.If carnival hand handled this differantly we would not be having this disscussion at all.


I expect that soon, some attorney will start a class action suit the same as happened about 10 years ago. At that time cruiselines were advertising prices that didn't include port charges. To my knowledge, everyone taht cruised at that time was offered some settlement.


Hi Gang I just decided to join this site. you all have legit gripes with Carnival. Maybe I don't agree with all of them. you have a right to your opinion and I will back you on that I have been conversing with a carnival rep on carnivalconnections.com all I got from them is the max is first two people in cabin max of $70 per person per voyage And I will not let $10 a day for my wife and I spoil our cruises even if I don't agree with it Carnival has no idea how much I can eat. Happy New Year to everyone and may all of your cruise be fun ones Thats what it's all about Rosebud Portland Ore.


Who heard that Canadians were getting a credit back? I'm a Canadian, and despite calls to me TA and Carnival we haven't been offered a refund. I'm appalled that Carnival would add the charge to fares already booked. According to The Florida attorney general it is illegal to hide the charge as a government fee but Carnival has not done that. It still doesn't seem very legal. I like the tip idea. We have always had the tips removed from our credit card and used the envelopes to tip according to service. Sometimes more then recommended when the service was good, and sometimes less when it was lacking.
By the way if your Canadian and getting a credit let me know how!


I personally don't mind the fuel charge. When it comes down to it, its very small. If you can afford to go on a cruise, then the extra 60 or 80 dollars should not effect anything. It does not keep me from going. In the grand scheme of things, its not really a big deal. We are paying more for food in the stores because of fuel, so you cannot avoid it no matter what. So deal with it, or don't cruise is basically the only option cruisers have. Its not the fault of your stateroom steward, etc so cutting the tips is not exactly a fair practice


I don't believe the fuel surcharge is asking too much - granted it should NOT be grand-fathered in AFTER the fact (i.e. cruise is fully booked/paid for), but rather the cruise companies should make sure that their web sites (and CSR's) reflect the fuel charge.

Looking at the big picture, even with the added surcharge, a cruise is still the most economical vacation around. Heck, I nearly EAT the price of my cruise alone at dinner (and breakfast... ok, and at lunch) - not counting all the shows I watch... and my berthing is included.

Of course, I give it all back in the casino! =huh

I imagine had this happened to me, I'd scream bloody murder too. I'd tell my wife I'm not going on the cruise, blah, blah, blah - then she'd say something like "ok, I'll take my mom or sister". Then I'd come back down to earth, pay the $80 surcharge, and continue my countdown. :)


Well I Look At It This Way Every Time I Get My Electric Bill We Have A Fuel Adjustment In The Bill And It is Always More Then The Electric Cost So $5.00 Per Day Is NOTHING But Thats Just My 2 Cents