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carnival got my goat

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Helen233, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Helen233

    Helen233 Guest

    I need to vent a wee bit. On sunday afternoon we booked a cruise for this coming Saturday the 26th. The girl I spoke too was a little ditzy, anyway I Gave her all of our names, spelled everything out, gave birthdates etc. Well when I went online to fill out the funpass I Noticed they had my daughters last name incorrect, they had put my twin sister's last name as my daughters last name. Anyway I Called them up right away and told them of their mistake................................. I got a bill yesterday for $50.00. Oh my gosh am I EVER tee'd off now. I call them up and they tell us that WE CHANGED THE NAME, and that is why they are charging me 50 bucks, I tell them "I know my own daughters last name it is the same as mine and YOU made the mistake and then explain that the young lady I spoke to was rather ditzy. Finally they agreed to wave the 50 dollars, but honestly I WAS furious.

    I have no problem paying when I screw up BUT if it is there screw up, NO WAY AM I GOING TO PAY.
  2. Vicar

    Vicar Guest

    So someone at Carnival made a mistake, you called and explained it, and they took care of it . the name has been corrected, and they dropped the charge.

    Sounds pretty much over and done with to me.

    Why the venting???????
  3. littlebit

    littlebit Guest

    Well I understand that it is frustrationg when things like this happens. At least you got a quick resolve to it all. A suggestion is have them repeat all info after they have it down and this will be a double check. Mistakes happen and it is irritating. Sometimes you just need to vent to get over it.
  4. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    she vented to get over it.....guess you've never had to do that.
  5. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    I'm glad she came on here to vent.... so when it happens to you, you won't be surprised that this stuff actually happened.
  6. steph_texas

    steph_texas Guest

    thanks for the info... nice to have past "experiences" for future reference...

    wish all problems were that easily resolved !
  7. Vicar

    Vicar Guest

    looking back at my post , I may have sounded a bit harsh, if so I am sorry.

    I just thought that seeing it was already taken care of with phone call, I would have just been glad it was over and done with, now if they were still giving her a hard time and nothing had been done I could see venting BIG BIG TIME *LOL*

    I understand we all need to vent .

    I am sorrry if I came off a little abruptly
  8. Helen233

    Helen233 Guest

    I am very greatful that it was taken care of, I was just annoyed that they told me that I changed the name, lolllllllllll. Really now would anybody give the wrong last name to their own child, of course not. I know my daughters last name is say Smith and NOT Jones.
    It does make you realize that people just do not listen, and this was probably the representatives millionith phone call for the day.
    Getting it straightened out took about 1/2 hour of my time, it all ended well and for that I am happy.
  9. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Well, that's great news Helen.

    Vicar....now to deal with you.... just kidding...:lol Boy trying to deal with some of these service reps on the phone sometimes is rediculous, now I'm not being predjudice here, but when I get the ones that don't speak english, I feel like pounding my head against a wall. NO I DIDN'T SAY GREAT SEATING... I SAID I WANT L-A-T-E seating! Oy gevalt. :mad
  10. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    Here's the real problem.

    Contrary to what the news tells us, we are about fully employed in this country. The 5% to 5 1/2 % that don't have jobs are for the most part unemployable. In other words the remaining 5% barely have a pulse let alone any skills, brains, etc... so as we continue to hire at a rapid pace, your chances of getting some poor employees goes up. I have been trying to fill about 4 positions in our company and it is extremely difficult right now. Customer service, order taking, data entry have many entry level positions and you just happened to get answered by one.
  11. beccabt

    beccabt Guest

    Sodey- AMEN but you left out drunk and not dependable.
  12. LUV2Cruz2

    LUV2Cruz2 Guest

    Ooooh Sodey, looks like you want to get political here! Don't go there...I beg of you...I can get into a political argument in a heartbeat and it wouldn't be pretty! :flog
  13. Vicar

    Vicar Guest

    Ken 2001

    *LOL* have you ever called and you get the message press 1 for English , press 2 for Spanish , so you press 1 and you get a rep who has this heavy accent you don't know what the hell they are saying.

    one of these days I am gonna press 2 for Spanish and maybe I will talk to someone who speaks English *LOL*

    Its worh a try
  14. 27pisces

    27pisces Guest

    Soooo Carnival got your GOAT, heh? Well, just be thankful you had a GOAT to get... someone took mine a long time ago and now I'm just stuck with a chicken! HA HA HA...

    Okay, I know you just needed to vent about this and I DO hope it helped. NOW we all just want to know you can go back to SMILING... things could be a whole lot worse (and in some cases usually are!)
  15. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    I sure know how venting can help! I'm glad you got a quick resolution to your problem! :)
  16. MandyBear

    MandyBear Guest

    I can relate!! My daughter was listed as Master (not miss) and as Male, not Female LOL. We spoke with our Carnival Rep who tried to fix the error.

    Carnival never did correct it because they were having issues with the sign & sail programming system. They told us not to worry about it (but OF COURSE, I DID!)

    My sister in law also, changed her name on the cruise paperwork about a month before sailing, they did not charge her.

    They seem pretty adaptable to correcting errors. But I would have freaked out over the $50 too! I don't blame you. She warned us if we got a bill, it is automatically generated when a change is made. She said to just ignore it, or refuse payment on it.
  17. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    Glad I did not respond to this
  18. LUV2Cruz2

    LUV2Cruz2 Guest

    ...but you just couldn't help yourself, eh Gary? LOL
  19. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    :lol Gary...know what? Your ok in my books!@..

    Vicar.. YES! OMG!! My choices are very, very poor broken english, or fluent spanish.

    It will never be revamped, but I really believe it has to be. What kind of screening process do they have when they hire them in the first place? YEP!~ you can count to 3 in broken english! Welcome aboard!

    I can tell you one thing, I'm not about to learn spanish so i can talk to them on the phone.
  20. Vicar

    Vicar Guest

    KEN 2001


    I deal with them all day on the phone at work .

    The ones that get me are the ones that call and the first thing out of their mouths
    "Habla Espanol?" I tell them "No Habla" and then they procede to tell me their whole story in perfect English .

    Go Figure


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