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Carnival Legend Cabin #7347

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by gfyjny, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. gfyjny

    gfyjny Guest

    Anyone Stayed in Cabin #7347 on Carnival Legend (NYC)?
    Please give me some feedback regarding the room layout and the balcony.
  2. serene56

    serene56 Guest

  3. gfyjny

    gfyjny Guest

    Wow! Thank you for the picture.
    How was the view from the balcony at sea?
    Were you on Eastern Caribbean cruise from NYC?
    We are going on my honeymoon on June 30, 2005, and this is our first cruise ever so We are bit nervous.
  4. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Dont be nervous---you should have a ball. I

    I was on an aft on the Eastern Caribbean.(just not in a cat 11 SUITE> I liked that we backed into the ports instead of pulling in. My view was the islands and not of water. After we came back from St Thomas and St MArten we sat on our balcony and watched all the late stragglers return running up the pier to catchthe chip before we departed. Better then any tv show I ever seen.
    On my favorite places I have lots of pictures of cat 11 that i will see if I can post them here tonight.

    I can tell you that the balconies on the aft are not private as the balconies are kinda stepped. (I have apicture where I can show you what I mean.

    Are you going to St Thomas?? May I suggest a tour using www.godfreytoursvi.com Best island tour I have ever taken.. OK-- best excursion in ANY port I have ever taken.
  5. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    PS: I am going on the LEgend in OCtober--going nowhere. Anywhere particual you want me to try to get pictures of for you?
  6. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    PS: I am going on the LEgend in OCtober--going nowhere. Anywhere particual you want me to try to get pictures of for you?
  7. gfyjny

    gfyjny Guest

    I have emailed Godfrey already. He is a such a nice guy.
    With his tour, how much beach time did you get? His website says about two hours. Was it enough time?
    Thank you for the offer on pictures. I would love to see the pictures of the room (Cabin #7347) and the views from the balcony. Looking at the deck layouts, all the aft suites have different demension and layouts. Pictures would definately give better perspective of the room.
    If you have any other suggestions on shore excursions, I'm all ears.
    My first port of call is San Juan, Puerto Rico, then St. Thomas, and Tortola last.
    Enjoy your cruise in October!
  8. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    2 hours beach time worked out great- the beach time is the end of the day- remember the sun is stronger that time and especially in the caribbean so wear tons of sunscreen. (also take note how red a lot of people are at dinner that night)

    The pictures I have is from the suites on the Pride..sorry- but it can give you somewhat of an idea.


    legend wrap around- http://community.webshots.com/photo/128390509/128472624DhMmWj

    remeber the privacy issue?? http://community.webshots.com/photo/93847874/93853128svWgyq
    this will let you see how the balconies on the back of any ship sit.
  9. Dynaribbon

    Dynaribbon Guest

    I am going on the Legend cat 11 suite rm 6160....I booked an 8a, upgraded to 8g, then right after we got doc they called again and upgraded us to a suite. I am getting married next Sat 9/18 and leaving 9/20 out of NY on Legend. Any tips on the cat 11 would be cool since I spent the last 6 monts finding out about the 8g's~

    Jen bride to be from EHT (NJ)
  10. gfyjny

    gfyjny Guest

    Serene56, Thank you so much for the links to Cat.11 suite pictures. They have given me very good ideas of what the suites look like. I take it that Pride and Legend are very similar?
  11. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    The pride and legend are sister ships. They are identical except for interior colors and design.

    Cat 11 will get you express checkin. When you get to the ports ask for the skippers club. That will take you to the front of the lines. (Although-if you get to the pier early--11am there wont be the front of the line as you will be the line...lol

    Other then the cabin this is the only perk you will be getting wit your suite. When onboard there in no difference between the person who booked an inside cat 1A to the person who got the suites. Enjoy the cruise
  12. Randyjean

    Randyjean Guest

    >Serene56 wrote: Other then the cabin this is the only perk you will be getting wit your suite. When onboard there in no difference between the person who booked an inside cat 1A to the person who got the suites

    In May I booked and paid for a suite, and after reading the posts on this board, I'm disappointed to find out that's the only perk. Not that I want to be treated any different, far from that. But on my first cruise with Carnival (years ago!) I met some people who had been upgraded to one, and it was wonderful! Much bigger than they are now, and a BUTLER was at their beck and call. How fun!

    Then, I got my parents a minisuite on the Celebrity Infiniti, and they were served fruit in the morning, tea and canapes in the afternoon, and snacks for happy hour. They loved it!

    You would think that since you're paying more, you'd get a little more. Because, I've checked out the pictures of my suite and it doesn't look that much different than a regular balcony room. Certainly nothing like the pictures posted in this thread! (I'll be sailing on the Glory)

    I don't mean to sound like a whiner but I'm one of those people who ADORE vacation rooms (hotels, cruises, whatever). And it just seems to me, that if you're gonna pay for a suite, you should get something a little extra. Well, okay...I just remembered, I DO get a bathtub (smile)...to me, that's worth the price of a suite right there!

  13. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Randy: I understand what you are saying. (but I dont ever remember a butler being available on Carnival to suite holders) I know on ROyal Caribbean when you own a suite you get Concierge service. (free drinks before dinner. seems you get more with other cruise lines on suites.

    Nope, On carnival when you are in a suite you get the same ammenties as the people in stearage.. I mean on the Riveria deck.

    You cabin IS a lot larger then a regular balcony cabin. I am not in the cabin long enough so I cant justify spending the amount difference from a reg extended balcny to a suite.
  14. Randyjean

    Randyjean Guest

    Well, I said it was YEARS ago :) About 18 to be exact...on the Tropicale. There were only about ten suites and they were up a couple steps from the Verandah deck, all by themselves. The butler hung out at all times in the hallway, just to serve the guests. The people I met who'd been upgraded to one were two single guys from Cleveland who thought they'd died and gone to heaven. Being such a small ship, it was easy to meet people and we soon had about 15 new friends (guys and girls) who the two Cleveland guys invited to their parties every night. I'm still in touch with several of those people.

    I think as the ships have gotten larger, the suites have become more numerous but smaller.

    Oh, well. It's not that I spend a whole lot of time in the room, either...but after traveling with my parents in their suite on the Infinity, I decided to splurge on myself this time around.
  15. gfyjny

    gfyjny Guest

    I mainly booked this suite for the wrapped around balcony and the spa tub. I didn't mind the price since it's going to be our honeymoon. I think the suites also have refrigerator. I read that the refrigerators have drinks and snacks for extra cost. I was going to bring my own water bottles. If you ask your cabin steward(is this the right term?) to remove the items, are they usually polite about taking them out? Or do they get grumpy? I really don't want to deal with bad attitude during my honeymoon. If it's going to create drama, I'll just won't bother with it.
  16. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    It shouldnt create a drama for them to do things for you. If you dont see the steward leave a note. Or call- (i dint like calling them - I can wait)

    From my experince I have found the refrigerators not to be too cold. I leave the stuff alone and take a small 12 can holder cooler. I then ask the cabin steward to take the ice bucket and keep my cooler fullof ice. It fits nicely on the desk and it keeps my stuff colder then the refrigerator.

    PS- you should also get robes in your cabin too. If you dont have them ask for them.
  17. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    A butler... how nice. WHat is a difference between a butler and a cabin steward. You will find the cabin stewards in the hall from 5am until noon and from 5 pm until11pm.

    I did a tour of the NCL Crown a few weeks ago, I checked out the Penthouse suites.. Oh mi gawd. Those places were huge. Like your own 1 bedroom apartment. Those cabins have butlers too. And the bathroom ----ahhhh- I could get lost there. The Penthouse suites there are only 10 of them and its the only thing located on the deck. Door bells --lol i came home and priced and realized I will never sail in those....thousands of dollars per person.
  18. gfyjny

    gfyjny Guest

    Coolers are a great idea, then I could also use the cooler during my shore excursions.
    Serene56, any other suggestions you have, keep them coming.
  19. Randyjean

    Randyjean Guest

    When I sailed the Destiny and the Pride, I almost NEVER saw my cabin steward. If you look down those long halls, you know why. At any given time, they could be anywhere. Not that I haven't always found the cabin stewards helpful when I DID see or need them. I guess it all depends on the size of the ship or your particular cabin steward. On some cruises, the guy becomes "your new best friend." On others, like I say, you hardly ever see them.

    The difference between a butler and a cabin steward? Hmmm. Let me think. On the Celebrity, my parents had both. The butler was dressed up in your basic butler uniform (big deal, I know) but he was the one who brought the goodies, the extras. So, he stopped by the cabin a minimum of three times a day. The cabin steward cleans your room and isn't always available when you call...or sometimes, you have to wait (again, no big deal).

    In the Carnival suite I posted about earlier (the one from 18 years ago) there was one butler for 10 suites, so obviously a suite holder got his undivided attention. We kept him busy getting ice for the champagne buckets. :) And, of course, eventually we invited him to the parties.

  20. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    I dont recall ever seeing my cabin steward on any of our cruises.. But I take post it notes and leave notes on the mirror for him/her. I do know cabin stewards have off during the hours of noon til 5pm and sometimes I want stuff during those times....like ice..
    Room service deliveres ice.. (nice to know)

    by the way---make sure you check out the room service a few times. Make sure you try the brownies. Better yet. Call the night before you get off and make yourself a nice little picnic lunch to put in that cooler for your plane trip home and dont forget the brownies. (pack baggies too before ya go)

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