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Carnival Legend cabin choices help

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by loisagogo, May 24, 2003.

  1. loisagogo

    loisagogo Guest

    I am looking at 2 cabin choices on the Legend. One is cabin 7260 on Vernanda deckwhich looks like it is very wide, has a very long balcony and sits back a bit from surrounding cabins. The other is an aft cabin 6331on Empress deck which people say are good choices. Both are stated has having 60 ft. balcony's. Any opinions????
  2. anna

    anna Guest

    We were in 6279 on the empress deck. Our cabin also set back and had an extended balcony. We were aft, right behind the elevator that led to the dining room. This was category 9 which there are only a few of on the Legend. This was the roomiest and nicest cabin I ever had on a ship. Three people in the room and we could have fit more. No noise whatsoever from the elevator or from cabins surrounding us. The balcony had 2 lounge chairs and tables. If the cabin you are looking at is similar, I see no problem.
  3. CruiseColl

    CruiseColl Guest

    It definately looks like 7260 had the bigger balcony, but I have no idea what the cabin looks like. The aft cabin is standard 8C. The balcony is a little deeper that the cabins along the side of the ship. We have 4239 booked for the bermuda sailing in october from Phila. Same as cabin 6331.

  4. anna

    anna Guest

    Try this website www.virtualtoursusa.com and go to cruise ship section. There is a 360 degree tour of the Legend. Shows different categories of cabins and practically every other area of the ship. Great site.
  5. jdw427

    jdw427 Guest


    I have room 6331 on the Legend's trip to the Eastern Carribean that leaves on 06/06/03. Feel free to e-mail me on or around June 14th and I can e-mail you some pictures and a description if you'd like.



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  6. loisagogo

    loisagogo Guest

    Thanks Anna, what a great website! I thought I knew them all. You just made me change my mind from Carnival to Royal Caribbean. (I think!!!)
  7. Sharkin

    Sharkin Guest

    If you can get a stern facing cabin (6331) I would take it. We had one on the Conquest (7447) and loved being able to see port, starboard and aft, all from our own balcony.
  8. DeniseZ

    DeniseZ Guest

    FYI Cabins 6231 and 7260 are outfitted for the handicapped though the 2002-2004 brochure doesn't show that. We have sailed in 7258 which also has the xlarge balcony but it is a regular cabin.
  9. yogibearnj

    yogibearnj Guest

    I just booked our cruise on the Carnival Legend( March 27, 2005). We are going to be in Cabin # 6260. I picked it because it is going to be our first cruise with a balcony. It is in the stern of the ship on Empress Deck. I wanted it for 2 reason: 1) Cat 11 Suite and 2) It has a large balcony( 200+ sq. feet). The balcony is also on the side of the ship......Karen

    We only have 95.5 WEEKS left!!!! Need time to pay off the cruise before we sail!
  10. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    Cabin #7260 is definetly HP (one of 3) but it is one of six that have a triple length plus wider balcony. We were in #7258 which is right next door. The cabin is 185SF like regular, balcony & most inside cabins. The balcony had 2 full padded lounge chairs like at the pool, an Adirondack style chair, a regular resin chair and a small end table. It was three plexi-glass partitions long instead of the standard one for a regular balcony. If you look at yoru brochure deck layout. The other cabins are on deck 6 & 8 in the same location. Deck 8 may have some dining room noise, but it is a great cabin for a great price.
  11. Luna00

    Luna00 Guest

    Hubby and I are sailing the Legend June 14th. As we booked rather last minute, we booked a Cat 11 Guarantee. We would love to get one of those aft cabins with the wrap around deck, but I know those get booked really early!

    I think you who are thinking far enough in advance to be able to pick your cabin are on the right track! After doing research, thinking about perhaps a Cat 9 for next Carnival Cruise. Hopefully we will be able to plan further in advance next cruise!

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