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Carnival Legend?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Pete & Debbie, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. We are considering taking the caribbean cruise out of NY next year on the Carnival Legend--has anyone done this cruise, or cruised this ship? What did you think about the ship or ports? All comments would be appreciated.
  2. The Legend is a brand new ship. According to my Carnival brochure, the first sailing out of New York is September 22nd. The Legend is identical to the Carnival Pride, which I sailed on this past January. The Pride was an absolutely beautiful ship!
  3. Sunshine

    Sunshine Guest

    She is also sister ship to Spirit, which I have sailed on and she is indeed a great ship!
  4. Thanks for all the info everybody. Will let you know when we decide!
  5. Toto

    Toto Guest

    We will be on the Legend for a short cruise on Sept 19th, will let you know when we return what we think of her!
  6. jane-atlanta

    jane-atlanta Guest

    Be sure to check out Tero's wonderful pictures of the Legend in the photo galleries - they're under Helsinki Legend near the top. She is absolutely beautiful!
    Breeze & I are really excited that we'll be enjoying our honeymoon in our 1st balcony on her for the inaugural Caribbean cruise (from Ft. Lauderdale), November 10, 2002.
    Can't wait!


    85 days till the CARNIVAL LEGEND !!!
  7. patty

    patty Guest

    We will be on the Legend July 8, 2003 out of NY :jump :jump :jump
  8. Hi, just read your message, writing to you from Scotland U.K. Four of us join the Legend on Wednesday 21st August, 2002. Just after the Legend christening ceremony,
    we sail from Harwich, England, U.K. to Amsterdam, this is a short trip that Carnival has offered to test the Legend out, the price was very reasonable and I can't think of a better way to be a "guinea pig". The pictures of the Legend look fantastic, but none of us have ever cruises with Carnival before, so time will tell!

    My husband and I have cruised on RCCL nine times, once with Princess Cruises , and once with NCL, it will be interesting to see Carnival in action! We are currently looking at a cruise to Hawaii for next year!

    I'll let you know what we all think of the Legend.


  9. patty

    patty Guest

    Congrats on being among the first to cruise this ship have a wonderful time!!! :wave :wave :wave :wave
  10. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    Irene, you are so lucky. Carnival met and exceeded our expectation on her sister ship the Pride. Be ready to be amazed. Keep in mind the crew may be new too, so don't expect perfection. Try out as many lounges and eating areas as you can. Variety was great on the Pride. Don't miss the spa jacuzzi and the great showers in this area. They are sure unique. From the new pictures just posted, its hard to tell what the colors may reflect. I see a lot of gold, red and solid wood tones. We thought the cabins were great in size and very subued with light woods and coral, taupes, and burnt orange tones. Let us know what you think about her.
    Bon Voyage
  11. Gordon

    Gordon Guest

    Do let us know what you think of Carnival. I think that you will enjoy them. I am sailing on the Legend November 10th out of Ft. Lauderdale. I booked the exact same cabin as we had on the Pride in April. A cat. 11 aft suite with a wrap around balcony. If the Legend is half as good as the Pride then all will be good :) Have a great cruise next week!
  12. Barry Cheren

    Barry Cheren Guest

    Have a great trip, but don't drink all the liquor.......my wife and I board on Saturday, 8/24/02 for the trip through Northern Europe.


  13. We are going 6/22/03 on the same run. Looking forward to sailing from NY as a change from Florida.
  14. Marilyn

    Marilyn Guest

    There are 6 of us sailing on the Legend Dec. 4, 2002.
    I was on the Spirit last year and it was just beautiful. I understand that the Legend is the same as the Spirit.

    Emerald of the Seas
    Royal Carribean
  15. Frank

    Frank Guest

    We're on the Legend Sept 22 from NY. Anyone else here? The reviews here from the Pride and Spirit are pretty positive, looking forward to some fun. I'll post my thoughts when we return.
  16. krayziecr

    krayziecr Guest

    i will be sailing on the legend out of NY on 5/29 anyone with me?

    Days until I'm cruising on the Carnival Legend
  17. Bob R.

    Bob R. Guest

    Just booked the Legend for Sept. 10th. 2003. Looking forward to sailing out of New York. Finally no airfare since we live in Jersey.
  18. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    Frank, what time is the Legend scheduled to dock in Portland, Maine on the 24th?
  19. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Looks like we arrive in Portland at 8AM .

  20. fran

    fran Guest

    Canada Cruise from NY

    Has anybody been on the Triumph to Canada? We would really appreciate some feedback regarding the weather when sailing and when ashore up north. We will be leaving in September. Thanks to all.

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