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Carnival Legend?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Pete & Debbie, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    Re: Canada Cruise from NY

    Thanks Frank. We will be boarding at Portland for a TA luncheon on board! Can't wait.
  2. JanZ

    JanZ Guest

    Re: Canada Cruise from NY

    Geez....I think all us Northeners ought to book a group cruise!!! We are looking at 8/25/2003..from NYC.....JANZ
  3. Re: Canada Cruise from NY

    We will be on the Legend December 12, 2002. This will be our first cruise this year. Last year we went on three, so I won't complain.
  4. krayziecr

    krayziecr Guest

    Re: Canada Cruise from NY


    I went to Canada on the Victory (Sister ship) in May 2001. The weather was a foggy, rainy 43 degrees at sea and 48 degrees on land, although it did warm up to about 60 in Halifax once the sun came out. It was 70 degrees the week before I went there so I guess it all depends on when you go. I'm sure it will be a little warmer in September since the summer is just starting to wind down but I would definitely take some sweatshirts especially for being out at sea.

  5. Jo

    Jo Guest

    Re: Canada Cruise from NY

    Barry and Douglas any reviews from your cruises on the Legend? we would love to hear about them
  6. me

    me Guest

    Re: Canada Cruise from NY

    Wife and I are on the Legends 10/6/02 cruise to Canada. Any others?
  7. castlemoor

    castlemoor Guest


    We've booked for 6/14/03. I am thrilled with the gallery pictures of this ship. Finally some decent ships from New York. Am leaving on Golden 9/14 - can't wait.

    Regarding Canada weather this time of year - it's iffy. I went Labor Day 2000, and it was foggy, rainy, chilly. But I'm going again this Saturday, as I said, so it wasn't that bad!

    Have fun, all!
  8. danusia

    danusia Guest

    Re: Legend

    There will be four of us (2 couples) on the Legend's 12/12/02 sailing.

    We're looking forward to this trip very much--WE ALL NEED A VACATION!

    Will there be many fellow "Cruise-@ddicts" aboard?
  9. chris evans

    chris evans Guest

    Re: Legend

    we are heading out to western carib on legend nov 18th,anyone else going ,give us a shout,totally excited.
  10. PBP

    PBP Guest

    Re: Legend

    Can someone please explain the difference in the 246 sq. ft. balcony cabin and the 225 sq. ft. balcony cabin, other than the fact that it is obviously larger? Where, exactly, is the additional square footage?
  11. Seabreez

    Seabreez Guest

    Re: Legend

    Just booked the Legend today (9/17) for next May 13, 2003. That is the first cruise
    going to San Juan, St Thomas/StJohn and Tortola/Virgin Gorda, called the
    Carribean from New York. Have sailed with Carnival approx 12 cruises since 1994
    and really looking forward to the Sprit class. No airfare this time for us too since
    we live in Harrisburg, Pa
  12. torpeedo

    torpeedo Guest

    Re: Legend

    PBP, Both balcony staterooms are 185 sq feet. The standard room has a balcony that measures 40 sq feet. So the combined size of these rooms is listed at 225 sq feet. Staterooms with extended balconies are listed at 246 sq feet. The additional sq footage is in the size of the larger balcony. Hope this helps.
  13. PBP

    PBP Guest

    Re: Legend

    Thanks, Torpeedo.....
    That's exactly what I wanted to know. I'm a fairly loyal Celebrity cruiser and have only sailed on the Carnival Ecstacy for a 3-night cruise several years ago. But I absolutely love the Legend's itinerary to Costa Rica, Panama and Belize and think I might give it a try.
    Thanks again,
  14. Helane

    Helane Guest

    Re: Legend

    We will be sailing on the Legend 8/17/03. Anyone cruising with us? Can't wait to see all the reviews.

    Happy Sailing!!!!!!

    Helane (Staten Island, NY)
  15. lynnk

    lynnk Guest

    Re: Legend

    hopefully, some of these posters are back from their cruises by now...please, please tell us what you thought of her! we're going april 3, 2003 and absolutely can't wait! we sailed the spirit to alaska 3 months ago and loved it...in fact we got our same cabin number on the legend this coming cruise, so gordon, you're not alone in that respect!
    waiting breathlessly for news....
  16. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    Re: Legend

    Beautiful ship with a mix of European and Vegas style decorations. The layout is phenomenal, and the food outstanding.

    Watch the Reviews section of this web site, as I'm sure there will be quite a few reviews to look through.

    I would highly recommend this ship!

    See the main board for some initial feedback on the Legend.
  17. Re: Legend

    We are going on the Legend, january 29- feb 6 south-western caribbean. St. Martin, Barbardos, and Martinque. Anyone else going on this trip? We are taking the 5A cat. French doors Level. Can anyone tell me about that room?
  18. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Re: Legend

    We're just back from the 9/22 NE/Canada cruise. The Legend is a fine ship. Good layout, very good food. I heard some complaints about the shore excursions, but some of the ports were new to Carnival. You'll have a good time for sure!
  19. Marlyn

    Marlyn Guest

    Re: Legend

    Will be on the Legend on Nov 10 out of Ft Lauderdale to the S. Carib. Looking forward to this ship and our first time with a balcony.
  20. jane-atlanta

    jane-atlanta Guest

    Re: Legend

    Hi, Marlyn! My husband Breeze & I will be on the Legend also (on our honeymoon) & it's going to be our 1st balcony as well! Can't wait! Have you started packing yet? Breeze is half-way there, I've just sorted which clothes I'm taking & which ones I'm not - but haven't gotten my suitcases out of the attic.
    I think we should have a mini-C@s party on board, as there are a couple of other posters here that are going as well. Should be a real hoot!!! ;-)

    27 days till we leave for Ft. Lauderdale & the Carnival Legend!!!

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