Carnival Legend



My family was on the Legend for Christmas 2003 to the Southern Caribbean and EVERYTHING was excellent! Had a great time and no complaints - the ship is still beautiful (and very nice decorations for the holidays)
CD was Bret Alan and the Captain was still the same guy with the mispelled name above :)
Booked a balcony gty and we were upgraded to cabin 8219.


THis makes me really happy she still shines. I remember our cabin was 6175, the middle, of the middle of the ship. It's like one cat down from the top shelf cabin.

I know the top cabins have a really big this, and a big wide that, and a large this and that! :) But I don't think I wanted to be way aft, rockin' and rollin' and boucin'! :lol

If my CL CTN actually happens, I'm guessing the captain with the misspelled name :lol and brett will be there.

I did post a message on the community boards saying, I don't think I"ll be able to take the CTN, if you get the chance.. check out what I posted, Landlord wants rent that's in the stratosphere.