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Carnival Miracle Review

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Cole617, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. DMW

    DMW Guest

    Thanks for the great info. I am sailing on the Miracle January 2. This will be my first cruise. Can someone tell me what the horse racing thing is? Thanks!!!
  2. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    Thanks for all the info. GREAT REVIEWS! So helpfull!!!

    I am going on July 10th. I have a question for Cole617 and Tika or anyone else who might know.

    I see that getting to the ship and on the ship is going to be terrible. Especially with my 2 year old who doesn't like to sit still. I was told that if you have a Category 11 or 12 there is the Skippers Club which gives you a different line to check in. Can you tell me if they had this in New York? Did you happen to notice.
  3. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    By the way, when you got off the ship, were people waiting to get on for the next cruise or did it seem to be going smoother????
  4. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    Another question, what time can you get off the ship in Cape Canav.???

    FLBRATT Guest

    I can't wait I am going to sail on the Miracle when she ports out of Tampa in November or December!
  6. danvel

    danvel Guest

    Hi Donna

    Even we will be on the miracle for the 2nd January cruise. It will also be our first ever cruise.What type of people do you think there will be on the cruise?
  7. BR123

    BR123 Guest

    Could someone please send me the capers. I'd highly appreciate it.
    Also some of you mentioned gambling. Which table games did they have? What were the minimums? What was the casino like? I live in jersey so I'm very use to hitting AC very often.. HEHE. thank you

    Thank you all
  8. Tika

    Tika Guest

    Hi Mhutch, Danvel and all the asked some questions...............I'll try to answer some!
    We embarked on the Miracle Saturday 6/16 and that particular day there were ( I think) at least five ships in port ............one of which was the new Queen Mary 2. Traffic to the pier and berths was horrendous!!!!!!! I think this was a very usual situation!!!!!!! The whole area could not handle such traffic with people disembarking the ships and those trying to board and embark. It took us over an hour to get from 55th St to the berth for the Miracle! Once at the beth it was total confusion and long lines. We had a Category 11 and the Skipper's Club boarding pass but there was never a sign or mention of a Skipper's Club area so we just waited on line like everyone else which seemed like forever at the time. The passengers that were on board were still disembarking. Keep in mind all the ships in port that day . The ships have to wait for the pilot tugs to help them dock and once a ship docks it still has to go through the Clearance Process which I think made for the major turmoil and backup on this particular day. That being said I know there is a web site for the Port of New York where you can check on how many ships will be in port etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Returning home was a breeze and yes,
    Skipper's Club Category 11 for us gave us VIP passes so we could disembark early just after the ship cleared and the folks carrying all their baggage disembarked.
    Canaveral............The Miracle docks at 6:00 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can probably be off the ship by 7:00am. YOU have to be back on board NO Later than 7:30pm! Ship sails at 8:00 pm.
    Type of folks.................You will see a lot of family groups with grandparents, adults, 20's-30's 40's etc. adult parents with teens and small children. There were 900 children on our cruise, I assume they mean under 18 yo. The teens seemed to be having a great time along with the 9, 10, 11 year olds. The Camp Carnival from what I was told by parents in our group was absolutely wonderful for their young children. There were goups of single adults as well as some that were traveling alone.
    The ship was filled to capacity...............2600 pax! Something amazing and never a dull moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am not the person to review the Casino and I hope Cole ads the information you requested. I can say this though..................it is huge with many slot machines etc. There is a large bar and sitting area with tables. Smoking is permitted in the Casino.
    Ventilation system is great throughout the whole ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think that's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any more Questions I'll be happy to answer :>)!
  9. trina312

    trina312 Guest

    Can you scan them and send them to me please. I have a group of about 100 people and would like to share this with the ones who have never cruised before. :dance

    Carnival Legend 4/03
    Carnival Miracle 10/04
  10. Cole617

    Cole617 Guest


    Ok I will pick up where tika left off........Casino.....there are about 100 machines.....that includes about 25 nickle machines. There are Game King Poker Machines and your basic quarter slots. There is 1 let it ride table 1 caribean stud, 1 3 card poker, 1 craps, a couple black jack tables (more on sea day nights) and two roulette tables. Roulette minimum is $1. BJ and the rest are $5 minimum tables. I did great at craps and let it ride. I cashed out several times at the nickles $100 here $75 there...etc. They also have four Six line poker machines. The last night i was running low on $ and was playing 1 quarter per line, to play max it would have cost me 30 quarters even to steep for me lol. Well wouldn't you know I hit the royal flush? paid me 500 quarters as opposed to $1,000.00. But i probably would not have hit it if i played 30 quarters because I would have been broke by then. I did see someone hit $1,000 on Wheel of Forture $1 machine and my sister in law said she saw somone also hit that same machine. I saw 2 people hit $750 and two different machines and I know someone hit $2,500 on a slot. People were also doing good on the craps table.

    Also last night i received an email from the casino host personally. Very very nice letter.
  11. Lefty1

    Lefty1 Guest

    i am going on miracle too 8/21 - my daugther is 15 going to be 16 in october - going to be on verandah deck also - can't wait - i went down to nyc one night when miracle was there - looks really nice - hopefully we will have nice weather.
  12. Lefty1

    Lefty1 Guest

    cole - what is u email address - is it cole617 or NJO617
  13. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    Thanks Tika and Cole 617 for all the info. I wonder why there wasn't a sign for the Skippers Club getting on.

    Another question for Cole617. How did you get the comp room at the Atlantis. That sounds EXCELLENT. We have been to the Atlantis and loved it. Are you big gamblers, is that how? If so, we won't be getting a comp room.
  14. JerseyJim

    JerseyJim Guest

    Thanks Cole and Tiki, very good reviews. Hopefully NYC embarkation on 8/21 will be a bit less hectic. So far it is just 2 ships that day, Miracle and the Celebrity Zenith.

  15. Cole617

    Cole617 Guest


    No not really a "Big" gambler. Lets just say i like being in the casino. I never play $1 machines (to steep for me) and always play minimum $5 tables. I stick to nickles and quarter games. I actually was playing a quarter machine and i did not put the max in which was 30 quarters six lines @ 5 quarters each yikes and played 1 quarter per line and hit the Royal Flush arrgggggggggghhh instead of $1,000.00 I got $125 lol. I got on some kind of list for the Atlantis from a Casino Host. Just lucky I guess.
  16. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    Well I just looked up July 10th and there are 4 ships, GREAT!!! I called Carnival and asked about the Skippers Club. They told me to stop and tell a Carnival rep that we are in Category 11 and they will escort us to that check in location. Some how I don't think it is going to be so easy!
  17. JerseyJim

    JerseyJim Guest

    I'm a serious gambler. I have set aside TWO whole rolls of nickels for the slots! That four big ones ($4). :)
  18. mhutch

    mhutch Guest

    Yes you are lucky! I wish I could get on that list....
  19. dothow

    dothow Guest


    Thanks for your Miracle Review. I enjoyed reading it. We are going on the Miracle in August. Can't Wait.

    How did you get a comp room at Atlantis?

    Happy Cruising
  20. Lefty1

    Lefty1 Guest

    question - when we are in bahamas or port canaval does casino close - my last cruise which was very long ago, shops and casino closed once we were in port

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