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Carnival Miracle Review



Good Luck ..................:>)!!!!!!!!! We didn't see one single Carnival Miracle rep. until we got to the front of the long line and the doors that you walk through to the boarding area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Skippers Club person walking around or a sign anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep "squeaking " with Carnival. I think they should do something about this policy as there were a lot of very, very "DISGRUNTLED" passengers trying to board etc.
All the best,


Great review Cole! One last question for you. I'm a pretty avid Blackjack player and was wondering if you'd noticed whether the dealers were dealing from a traditional shoe or from and automatic Continuous Shuffling machine.

My only cruise with Auto shufflers was on the Carnival Imagination in '98 and have not encountered them on any other lines as yet.

Any info would be appreciated.