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Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Ebbtide, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Ebbtide

    Ebbtide Guest

    Sailing on the MIRACLE March 29th out of JAX, anyone else going?
  2. Cole617

    Cole617 Guest

    thinking about going on June 19th out of NY
  3. snowball

    snowball Guest

    I'm going on May 9th out of Baltimore!
  4. gram

    gram Guest

    I am sailing on the Carnival Miracle May 2 out of Baltimore. Anyone else?
  5. Peanuts

    Peanuts Guest

    We're doing a back to back...March 1 and March 6
  6. ksbateau

    ksbateau Guest

    Yes, we're going 3/29 as a family (spring break), it's our first cruise and I'm practically counting the days! CAN'T WAIT!!!! I can't believe we get to be on a brand new ship!!!
  7. Ebbtide

    Ebbtide Guest

    That's great! We are two couples from Ormond Beach, that's 1 1/2 hours south of JAX. My husband and I did the the Nor. SUN in Dec., however the other couple have only cruised once before. We are looking forward to a wonderful sailing. ~~~~

    Joyce and Bruce
    Ann and Bill
  8. Kellympmo

    Kellympmo Guest

    We are going to be on the 3/20/04 sailing. 4 late twentysomethings on Spring break...(my sister's a teacher :). Can't wait!!
  9. Ebbtide

    Ebbtide Guest

    We live in FL and hope to meet you. We are two couples from the Daytona Beach area, but much older than you are I am sure. However, we love a good time and would like to meet you.
    Joyce and Bruce - Nelson
    Ann and Bill - Blocker
  10. MiracleNov04

    MiracleNov04 Guest

    feb 27th 2005 myself and husband and my mother and cousin
  11. Cdeb

    Cdeb Guest

    March 6th Can't wait!
  12. shipmate5967

    shipmate5967 Guest

    We booked the March 29th this week. Looking forward to it.


    Post Edited (02-03-04 23:07)
  13. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    First cruise ever, 3/26 from our hometown port of Jacksonville, born and raised here. Can't wait.

    Jim and Linda
  14. loops

    loops Guest

    Going on the April 12th sailing out of JAX. :eek:)

    Fascination 5/03
    Ecstasy 3/92
  15. Hey I am 25 from Jacksonville and will be on the 3/20 sailing also.
    Ready to sail....
  16. lindnja

    lindnja Guest

    Sailing in 55 days -- 4/3/04 can't wait!
  17. ellisdi

    ellisdi Guest

    I'm sailing on the Miracle April 17th out of Jacksonville. Anyone going?
  18. doodlefan

    doodlefan Guest

    We are Canadian flying out of Toronto to JAX and cruising the Miracle April 9th.

    ANybody else out there on these dates.

  19. sunpuppy

    sunpuppy Guest

    Also sailing Carnival Miracle on March 29 with my niece, mother & her friend. Looking forward to a great new ship and good times.

    My mother & I live in Jax, the other are two coming from Michigan. Let the count down begin!
  20. justn15

    justn15 Guest

    I am a 20 year old traveling on the micacle the 20th for spring break with my family and also with my 20 year old cousin and her family. Cant wait to let lose on spring break again this year last year it was florida and now this cruise. Great times!!!!

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