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Carnival not docking in Grand Cayman.

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by rhen33, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    I guess it depends on who you talk to.I talked to 3 different folks they all told me the same thing. Not going to Grand Cayman.
  2. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Rhen: thats what I thought-- cant imagine that Carnival employee telling Loopy otherwise. I mean nothing is there for anyone to see or do-- even stores are closed.
  3. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    The dock was destroyed.I signed up for a alert to when the port is open.
  4. rburns44

    rburns44 Guest

    Where do you sign up for a post to tell you when the port is open again? thanks!

  5. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    Becky, I stumbled on it .And it was thru google alert. Don`t remember the one it was. Sorry.
  6. loopy

    loopy Guest

    I have talked to 2 different people at Carnival that says they are. One was several days prior to this topic posting.

    I really want to see Grand Cayman so I hope I am right but you never know.
  7. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Loopy: when is your cruise? I dont thin those people at Carnival are knowing what they are talking about. Unless the ships are only docking outside the island and not transporting people using tenders. I dont see how any one can be going there right now as there is no electricity or water. THings are not opened.
  8. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    Grand Cayman webcams are still down as well. :( poor people.
  9. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Do you use kroooz-cams>? I see using that site a few cameras are ok.
    camera 2 seems to be working but I wonder if its updated or just a feeder camera
  10. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    No cruise ship has ever "docked" at Grand Cayman.....it is a tender port. The tender docks and the local tenders have all been damaged or destroyed. The main shopping area near the tender docks in downtown Georgetown is destroyed. I doubt any ships are going to stop at Grand Cayman in the near future............the last thing locals need right now are tourists - especially when they are trying to assess damage, rebuild and try to get their lives straightened out.
  11. mnhenderson

    mnhenderson Guest

    If you go to the grand cayman board at Cruise Critic they have several updates from one of the main tour operaters there.He has been very forthcoming and his info seems to jive with what I have been reading at caymannetnews.com. I love this board and the folks on it.
    I am in no way saying not to try to find info here,just that they have some important info on the subject of Grand Cayman.I hope it is not against the rules to direct someone over there.If it is I am sorry in advance. Mariann
  12. masq

    masq Guest

    The four cameras on Kroooz-cams have been the exact same image since Ivan hit.
    I checked them right as Ivan was hitting and the one of the dock with the crane and blue skies was there. I knew that was bogus right away. Even camera 4 of the shipping containers has not changed since Ivan hit. They are not being updated yet. I'm sure it's the last of their worries right now.

    I'm sorry for all you folks that won't get to stop there on your cruises. Grand Cayman is a beautiful place, and I am so sorry to hear of thier losses.
  13. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Mariann: I dont think its against the rules..its just not proper to advertise another message board on someone elses.
  14. mnhenderson

    mnhenderson Guest

    I do not think it is improper at all.I think John would want folks to know that there is first hand knowledge for these people who are concerned about Grand Cayman.Normally I would not even mention another board,but this an important issue for many folks.The gentleman who took the time to post on the other board is not in the position to post on numerous boards.I think this an exceptional situation that calls for people joining together to get the info. out. As long as it is not against the rules of this board,I think this an exception to the normal rules of BB manners. But hey, thanks for being judgemental when I was just trying to help. Mariann
  15. AJ coast

    AJ coast Guest

    On my last Navigator cruise I heard this lady say that she made three attempts to get to Cayman, and finally the ship could stop there on this cruise.
  16. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

  17. leahmichele

    leahmichele Guest

    I was on the Sensation and we were scheduled for GC on 9/15/04. However, carnival rerouted the ship to the Bahamas because GC was almost completely destroyed.
  18. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    Every time I call carnival I get a different answer.Just have to wait and see.
  19. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    Taken from Carnivals Website today 9/20:

    Hurricane-Related Itinerary Changes



    Updated: September 20, 2004 – 4 p.m.

    CARNIVAL TRIUMPH – 9/18/04 DEPARTURE (seven-day cruise from Miami)

    Revised Itinerary

    9/18 – Miami

    9/19 – At sea

    9/20 – Cozumel

    9/21 – Costa Maya

    9/22 – At sea

    9/23 – Ocho Rios

    9/24 – At sea

    9/25 – Miami

    Original Itinerary

    9/18 – Miami

    9/19 – At sea

    9/20 – Cozumel

    9/21 – At sea

    9/22 – Grand Cayman

    9/23 – Ocho Rios

    9/24 – At sea

    9/25 – Miami

    They will not be docking in Cayman anytime soon. Even if they rebuild the dock the entire shopping port is destroyed, Carnival can not have its passengers tripping over debris, and getting hurt, there is a certain liability issue.
  20. mnhenderson

    mnhenderson Guest

    I thought you all might want to read this. It is from a local cruise tour operator.

    Hello again,

    My apologies for the late post, needless to say we have been extremely busy re-routing our clients, figuring out where Cruise Liners will call instead of Cayman. We are doing our best to work with our Bank in order to help our Clients who are currently cruising and did not call on Grand Cayman etc…

    A few retractions from my last post: One casualty following complications received from an internal injury during the Hurricane has been reported, one person is missing in West Bay last seen trying to secure his boat during the storm. Power lines are not as damaged as first reported, out of 13,000 light poles approximately 2,000 snapped and have to be replaced. Lines are down, transformers damaged etc. 1,000+ light poles were shipped from Belize by Fortis and should arrive early next week, Fortis is also sending linemen to help CUC who is currently working 24/7 on all lines in George Town (by the arrival Port) South Sound and 7 Mile Beach where all the hotels are located. Please keep in mind most, if not all pictures of Grand Cayman found on the Internet are of places which were damaged, you can hardly find pictures of entire areas of Cayman because the areas are perfectly fine, I guess there is not much sensationalism in pictures showing untouched areas. My parent’s house is perfectly fine and so is the whole area in which they live in, because I could not find a picture of the area on the Internet I had friends inspect the area and thousands of homes are perfect and untouched. It can only be assumed that the reason why large portions of the Island are not shown in picture galleries across the Internet is due to no damage, and that has been confirmed. Places I would have bet money on being destroyed during a Hurricane are destroyed (how many times can you tell someone that they are building too close to the water before they listen? Perhaps now they will …) amazing enough I would have lost money on other condos which are fine.

    Most Banks will re-open on Monday with reduced working hours, power in George Town should be restored (has already been partly resorted) by the end of this weekend. Hopefully my credit cards will work by that time as I still cannot access any funds and I strongly doubt I will receive relief funds from FEMA anytime soon

    We have been able to re-route our Banking system to our Bank’s Bermuda Branch and all refunds for the past 2 weeks should be refunded by Monday. Our Bank has really performed magic and we will be their customers for as long as I live! One big hug to Bank of Butterfield International!!! They really went out of their way and have admitted that this is a first for the Bank as no business is coming out of Cayman non the less a request for thousands of dollars worth of refunds, hopefully all should be refunded by Monday, just is time for our Clients to return to their office after their cruise, they should be happily surprised to find their deposit already credited.

    Which does bring me to a point: I do not wish to speak for “other operators†in Cayman, I am surely not their voice or anyone else’s for that matter, but I have read e few disturbing posts on *********** which I would like to clear up. We are the only Cayman Company in the excursion business (besides Red Sail, they service Cruise Liners and can be found in many locations in the Caribbean) which has been able to communicate to our Clients and more due to our other locations in the Caribbean, we are very lucky. Some passengers are currently complaining that their reserved Operator in Cayman has their deposit, they are not answering any of their e-mails, are afraid their deposit is gone etc. Folks, please keep in mind that the damage in Cayman was extensive, especially to private homes. Operators based in Cayman have no possible way to communicate or e-mail anyone. They are in the dark, literally and cannot receive or send any phone calls or e-mails whatsoever. I can assure you that Capt. Marvin’s, Soto’s, Nativeway etc are all honest, reliable and responsible Operators in Grand Cayman and their lack of communication and lack of refunds is not due to maliciousness on their part, I am 100% positive that as soon as power, phone lines etc are in working order (it should not be long) they will contact EVERYONE in order to assess the situation as well as to refund any refunds due on to their Clients. Please have some patience, it has only been 6 days…….

    Various reports are being read from people in Grand Cayman, unfortunately 50% of reports can be “dismissed†as rumors and not factual. The “telephone game†is alive and well in Grand Cayman at the present time, an Island where rumors, fake conspiracies and general gossip is a way of life. Many people living in East End cannot go to George Town (1 hour drive) due to lack of gasoline, West Bayers are not venturing into George Town (curfews, lack of gas, cars etc) many people have not left their condominium complex and are just claiming they know all from what their neighbor has told them. I admit I am no better, I am not even there!! But can say that I am constantly on the phone with many people (less and less as time goes by due to cell phones batteries expiring) we have one of the only land lines available on Island and many people are using it to call their family and friends, (we have a small line outside our office all day) None of my friends or family have experience looting problems, corpses are not floating down our streets, that incident was in Bodden Town where the Cemetery is on the ocean and not a widespread phenomenon. Everyone is still in shock, 6 days without power or water is the extreme in survival, the Island is hot (not many leaves left on trees for shade) and people have had enough of roughing it so tempers are starting to run high. My brother in law said it best, he said that we of the “new generation†are freaking out, after all we grew up in Cayman under air-conditioned heaven, no lack of anything, all readily available at our fingertips. The “old Caymanians†are currently laughing at all the young people, telling them “Isn’t this great, it is just like our old Cayman when we grew up, I wish it could be like this forever…†they are eating coconuts (many allover the ground) fishing, loving life, back to their youth. The young Caymanians (and expatriates) are ready to leave and have had enough of sleeping without a/c and no indoor plumbing.

    The Port is not gone, it is intact. Hotels are not destroyed but damaged, roofs can be quickly rebuilt, water damage repaired, most Hotels will be re-opened in less than 2 months, some will be open as early as October. Airlines are not scared to come into Cayman, they are just not flying there due to lack of business, tourism is not allowed to enter and airlines work for money, no tourism = no flights. Yes, people are asked to leave, that is due to the current infrastructure of the Island, it is easier to help 20,000 people than 50,000 + there will be no work for most people for about 2 months, most people leaving are going back to their families or to International Office branches found in the USA, Bermuda, Turks etc. where they will be in undoubtedly more comfortable conditions.

    7 Mile Beach is much bigger (wider) than before the storm, waves brought much needed sand back where it belongs. Stingray City is still there, rays were most likely much better off than humans during the storm. The Sandbar is formed by waves coming from the sea via the channel nearby, big waves in the channel means more sand being deposited on the Sandbar (much like 7 Mile Beach) The Rays would have most likely swam down the Cayman wall, found 100ft from the sandbar and were surely safe and sound during the storm. I will not discount the fact they are starving, it must be hard going from a daily buffet to no squid handouts overnight but face it, they are better off than most people are at the present time

    We have been trying to have confirmations on all excursion vessels in Cayman as many private vessels were damaged. “Our†two 50ft catamarans, the Hannibal and the Buccaneer are 100% operational and sustained no damage during the storm (I am still in shock over that one!) Capt. Bryan reported “My office is gone, my computer is gone but I have my family and my boats, we are ready!!!†He sounded in great spirits and ready to start operations. Capt. Marvin’s is unknown, Soto’s is unknown, Nativeway reportedly lost one vessel (it is out of the water on trees, the extent of the damage is unknown, if any) the other boat is perfectly fine. Atlantis sustained damage to their boats (rescue vessels, transport vessels, the subs are ok) and will most likely be back in operation within 2 months. The Rum Point Ferry is sitting in the Hyatt’s Parking lot (damage unknown) Red Sail’s two 65ft catamarans have not been reported damaged.

    As previously reported the Port will be not accepting Ships for the month of September or perhaps as far as late October. We can expect the first Cruise Liners to visit starting in November, by that time most of the Island will be back to normal, especially George Town and 7 Mile Beach areas, the remaining parts not “back together†will not effect Cruise Ship arrivals in any way, shape or form. Most Operators will be back on their feet, many already are and we will be ready for a beautifully warm winter season for all of you arriving November and onwards.


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