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Carnival Paradise

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by CMan, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. CMan

    CMan Guest

    Booked Carnival Paradise for next May. 213 days.

  2. congrats on the booking! It will be wonderful!
  3. Sue Sue

    Sue Sue Guest

    The Paradise is Paradise. 147 days to go for my husband and I. We love the Paradise so much we will be heading out on our 4th and 5th trip on this ship. CMan, have you heard anything about the new ports for the Paradise? Did you book before the change or after?
  4. Paul Powell

    Paul Powell Guest

    We have 33 days left till our Paradise Cruise, and cannot hardly wait. We booked it 8 months ago. Were taking the western side.

    Where are the new ports going to be?
  5. CMan

    CMan Guest

    Sue Sue;

    When we booked our Cruise Broker told us about the new Exotic Western Caribbean itinerary. Excited about this because we've done Western many times. This is our 1st Carnival cruise, RCCL 8 times. Hope that it's not a dissapointment, but any cruise is better than no cruise.

  6. CoBob

    CoBob Guest

    2 more weeks 'til Paradise! I just gotta hang in there.....
  7. Sue Sue

    Sue Sue Guest

    CMan; You know, your right. Cruising is.....cruising. Most times, folks will find disappointment if they are looking for it. The Paradise is somewhat more laid back than other Carnival ships. If your looking for crazy frenzy all of the time, well, it's not there. Although, there is plenty to do and activities are available for those who choose participate. The food is good to very good. We have always had wonderful service. The ship is clean and well kept. I have never sailed on another line, however have heard good things about RCCL. What is the "climate" like on the RCCL ships like and does the activity level change from ship to ship?

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