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This thread goes back to 2004 so I am going to take a guess the person looking for the Triumph pin has probably either found one or doesn't care anymore.

But since the thread was resurrected the first part of 2012 with a request for another pin it may be worth coming back to life, every year or so.

As far as the last request, which is probably in the same state as the original one, as the last time this thread was active was 02-26-2012, but who knows maybe some new interest can be generated in Carnival Pins..........
Anybody know where to find any more? There does seem to be several on eBay

Carnival Cruise Line Valor Lapel Pin Funnel Shape | eBay


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They still give them out to Platinum and Diamond members and I believe they sell them aboard ship. Mine are all over the house. I really need to get mine together and see what I have. :whistle:I do know I have many duplicates, so if any one was looking for a particular ship, I may be able to help them out.

This was a good post to resurrect boB!! That's why you're paid the BIG bucks!!! :biggrin:
I made a Funship Freddie in the stuff a bear program now all my pins are stuck on him. I only got past guest pins from Pride and Splendor before they abandoned the old pin program, but got larger pins from the Paradise and Inspiration at the gift shop. I also just got my inspiration Platinum pin, and can't wait to get one from Miracle next year!