Carnival Points with Barclays Mastercard Question


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Hi All,

I was wondering if any of you have one of these Mastercards and have any insider tips or tricks on how to get the most out of your point balance to put towards a cruise? We have the card and have banked nearly enough points to pay for our next 7 days Mexican Riviera cruise but we will be short depending on what we pay up front and what we wait to pay.

Any feedback is much appreciated!

You pay for the cruise with the card and you get a credit applied to the balance when you redeem your points. If you get to over 100,000 points it will pay up to 1500 on a cruise. We pay all our bills and daily spending with the card and pay it off each month. You have like 180 days after you go on the cruise to redeem the points, but check the Barclay website to be sure about how many days.


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Thanks so much Linda. We do the exact same thing regarding our monthly bills and paying it off. Since the points are more valuable the more you redeem I think we will put a large down payment down first then pay the remaining balance of the cruise off closer in. That is assuming we are allowed to pay more than the $250 deposit per person. We do not have enough points to cover the entire cruise we are looking at but going with this plan we will get more bang for our points.