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Carnival port changed

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Cruising Ag, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. Cruising Ag

    Cruising Ag Guest

    I just found out that on my trip on the Paradise to the Eastern Caribean in June will not be stopping in San Juan as is listed. It will stop in Casa de Campo, Dominica. What's the word on this? Anyone been there?
  2. Sue Sue

    Sue Sue Guest

    Yes, I just heard about the change. My husband and I are booked on a two week back to back starting March 23. Both intineraries have been changed.. Ok for us as we have cruised on Paradise 3 times already and a different view will be great! I haven't found out anything more at this point. If you hear anything post it, I will as well. Paradise is cruising on the Paradise! Sue
  3. jeffd1979

    jeffd1979 Guest

    Mine also changed for my crusie in december.. I herd this was done because of crime in san juan..
  4. borntocruise

    borntocruise Guest

    To Cruising Aq: That's Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. Dominica is a different island in the lesser Antilles.
  5. Al

    Al Guest

    The change was due to the fact that little time was spent in Nassau (a blessing as far as I'm concerned, but that's only me), and that the ship arrived in San Juan in the late afternoon, leaving no time for typical excursions. The Paradise will now spend full days in Nassau and Casa de Campo, which, by the way, was developed by Oscar de la Renta, and is one of those playgrounds for the rich and famous. It's certainly a better itinerary - enjoy!!

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