Carnival screwing us on original deal



Actually, for a 7-8 day cruise, every passenger has to pay a $250.00 deposit, whether or not they are in the same cabin. For an Alaska cruise, it is $350.00 per person. Carnival makes no distinction about the age of the passenger, and babies are charged the same as adults, in terms of deposit and tipping. Yes - her 15-month old has to pay the same deposit amount as anyone else.


The last time I booked with Carnival, I had such a great experience! Not only was the PVP so sweet and very helpful with picking out the right cabin, but she told me that I was entitled to a "past cruiser discount". I had no idea such a thing existed! I think that there are probably good reps and bad ones....I'm sorry to hear you had a bad one! :)


Never booked directly with any cruise line. I always use the same TA, who is very efficient and trustworthy. He will always discount the cruise line's quoted price and he often helps to get upgraded as well as price reductions when those prices are reduced. There are some exceptionally good TA's that advertise and post on this website; however, if anyone would like my recommendation, shoot me an email.


Cruise #1: Booked it through Carnival, no problems, got just what we wanted, but had no idea about cruise brokers.
Cruise #2: Booked through Princess, also no problems, but still didn't know about cruise brokers.
Cruise #3: Booked through Carnival, the Conquest out of New Orleans. Our PVP, Helen quoted us a great price, but when we recieved the confirmation we were booked for the wrong date, so when we asked it be changed the price went up $250/each!!! Even though it was her mistake. We decided to look elsewhere, and that is when I discovered We get our cruises for $200 to $400 less than with the cruise company. I even called Royal Caribbean and asked why the were so much cheaper, and they buy blocks of rooms, plus TA's that book a certain amount get extra commision called cost overrides. Booked online, got a great price, and all our papers got to us on time, without a hitch.
Cruise #4: We are booked on Carnival Glory June 12, 2004 and we save over $200 booking with again, and have just the cabin we wanted. We will never go directly with the Cruise company, unless we have a past cruiser discount that will make it a better deal. There are a couple of Cruise brokers that offer great prices also, so check around.


Hi - my husband and I booked through Carnival for a March 2005 cruise and found out recently our PVP through Carnival is no longer with the company. Would you pass along your PVP's name and phone number for me to contact? I will need some additional assistance and always like to use someone who has been highly recommended !! Thanks.


Would you mind passing along your PVP name/phone number at Carnival? I just found out ours has left the comapny and I need to make sure I have a good, reputable PVP at Carnival overseeing our trip on the Valor for March, 2005. Thanks !!


I booked my Nov. 14th sailing on the Miracle with Carnival and got what I think was a good deal $899.00 for at least Cat. 8B Balcony on a 7 night cruise, I have never had a balcony so I'm soooo excited! But back to the point my agent was really nice and all went well . I think any business has really good people but a few bad I'm sorry you must have gotten a bad one . But on whole I think Carnival is GREAT! Although that doesn't help you now, I would just pursue it with a higher up untill you are satisfied. The skweaky wheel gets the oil!
To the person telling writer how to write their e-mail:
By the way why is it you think writing in capitals is such an awlful thing. I relize some people consider that yelling but their letter was not hostel so I think we all knew it was not that tone and I don't think any of us have the right to tell another how to compose our letters.


I agree with Miss Vicki especially since it was BahaMama who posed the original question not the complaintent. If it isn't immoral, illegal or hurtful don't get your knickers in a knot!


Counting down the days
Only 2 'til we fly and 4 'til we sail!


Its called being considerate of others. The all caps can be as annoying for their size, not just to sometimes imply it is yelling.



If you booked a rate and the rate INCREASED the next day by $200 per person, would you expect to pay the difference? Why should the cruise line REDUCE your fare by $200 pp or give you credit when YOU booked a day too early? Think about it..................................would you really want it to work the opposite that you want it to?


I jUsT wAnTeD tO mEsS w/ JiM's HeAd........ A bIt AnUl ThErE bUdDy!!

Hey BahamaMama: these people are professional cruisers! I would take their advice and go w/ a TA. The beauty of a TA is that if you don't like what they are telling you than you simply hang up and call another...untill you like what you hear!

Good luck!!!!


Sorry If I missed it, but you didn't mention if you were a past guest.... NOT that how you've been treated is acceptable in any circumstance... My point is that as past guests... we have a # assigned to us and signed up to receive E-mails. We called and haggled and bargined for $650 per person for a balcony and got it with in 15 minutes. Really makes you wonder if they're on commission. The advertised deal was for $775 pp which was still a steal.

what we did different, our non trusting soules, was has the PVP e-mail the offer. We reviewed it, printed it and then gave out the credit card # and booked it. Then printed the E-mail confirmation and compared it.

Now carnival never gave me any doubt to be suspicious to take this route... but I've learned thehard way, TA included that what's promised, isn't alway's delivered and that you can negotiate with anyone needing your $$$$. OK, that's the NY in me but it works.

Now how to correct the mess you're in...God love ya, what a mess.... Me personally would go "balls to the walls", tyring to be poilite, yet allowing my anger and no nonsense to show.... saying that I'm cancelling it all.... refuse to pay a cancellation fee..... I need an immediate supervisor. NOW!!!!

Then I continue saying how I have influence being a nurse at two hospitals (use your own influence) which employs 5000 and 4000 respectively with an active human resource department that will post and adamantly back any misdealings which they're employees have come across. Now I mention that that those 9000 people on average tell 10 of their friends, of carnival or other business horror stories posted on company web sites (all true). and from there word spreads further than imagined. Then I state every person, patient and shopper that I come across from here on in my life will be told of how carnival (or any company) is UNTRUSTWORTHY in it's booking. In addition for $20 I will post an add in the local paper with my e-mail, willing to discuss my issue with anyone having future dealings with the company.

Yes I DO THIS when I'm raked over the coals and I mean and do every word. This will at least get a supervisor on the phone... because that poor service rep that you are talking to... who's name or identification # that you asked for doesn't get paid enough to deal with someone as upset and serious as you.

Now few people go this far, but this is me, my $$ and I hate to be messed with.

This may not be your style at all, good luck with your fight and wish you the best if I seem to crazed and you'd never do as I do. I believe in taking a stand when I'm messed with, and you have had a serious number done on you. Which please allow me to add, has NEVER been my experience with CCL, we are totally satisfied and will continue to ONLY cruise with them. I really hope you will write back saying they fixed your dilema. I love those carnival guys, they have never done wrong by me.