Hi all!!
We are leaving NYC for Barcelona August 28, 2013 & boarding the Sunshine for 9 nights through the Mediterranean for 9 nights!! So excited!!! It's our first time in Europe.
I've sailed the Caribbean before and as much as I try and keep my cell phone off..... I always end up with a huge bill :madd:
So, since i know I can't be trusted LOL. I thought maybe I could just purchase a small amount of WI/FI minutes on the ship and check my email, send some pics etc. to keep in touch here & there.
This way I can just shut off my phone and not worry about it!! I may come out ahead this trip LOL
Does this sound do-able? will the IPOD Touch work on the Sunshine's WI/FI network??
Thanks in advance


If you take me serious, it's your problem
being that you are going to be in the med.... if your phone has international capabilities, you could use your phone on shore and not incur any of the high rates of the "at sea" rates. i know that when i used my phone in cozumel, and belize i didn't incur the "at sea" rates. I did incur international roaming rates... but, my plan with ATT includes international roaming so it didn't cost me anything extra. you might want to check with your carrier to see what differences would be between "at sea" and "international roaming" rates would be. might save you a little bit of money that way. i know shipboard wifi isn't exactly cheap...