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Carnival Tipping Guide

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by lfite, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. lfite

    lfite Guest

    I am going on my 1st cruise on October & wondered about the tipping.
    I know they charge $10 a day per person for gratuity.
    However my sister tells me I should tip the head waiter and the steward.

    Can anyone tell me the estimated amount to tip each, when and where do I leave it?

    Also does anyone know how much I should tip for the formal night $70 spa treatment?
  2. ashxoxo89

    ashxoxo89 Guest


    The 10/day is optional. They automatically charge you it unless you change it. When you get to the ship you can tell them you want to change it to either no gratuity ( and tip on your own) or just do a less amount. Last time I went (my first cruise) we didnt know this and did the $50 per person (5 day cruise) so anextra 150. We also pre-tipped the guy who "serviced" our floor/room and the servers at dinner. The waiters took EXCELLENT care of us however the steward or whatever they are called, lol, did nothing extra special and we regretted slipping him that extra money... Just remember that the 10/day is optional. Don't forget, everytime you buy a drink on the ship they automatically charge you 18 or 20% gratuity also!! Good luck.
  3. lfite

    lfite Guest

    Thank you so much for this information - I did not know it was optional.
    All the information I was getting was I had to pay the $10 a day + tip on the last night also. Was getting a little worried.
  4. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    Just to clarify, while the $10 per day is "optional" it is customary. You don't want to "stiff" the service personnel. The $10 per day covers your waiter, assistant waiter, cabin attendant (steward) and the head waiter. It is so much easier to just leave it on the ship board account and let the cruise line divide it up. I usually tip a little extra in cash too because the service is always great.
  5. do you go to dinner in your hometown
    and not tip the waitress? geez.(td)
  6. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    The steward is included in the $10 per day. Carnival does not have "head waiters" (Royal Caribbean does). There is an assistant waiter, a waiter and then the maitre d'. The maitre d' is a management position and there is no need to tip him or her unless (s)he does something for you (beyond saying hello).

    Here is Carnival's tipping policy ...

    What is the tipping policy onboard?

    Service Gratuities

    For your convenience, we automatically charge the gratuities for dining and stateroom staff to your onboard Sail & Sign account. The total amount is $10.00 per guest, per day (our recommended guideline) as follows:

    $ 3.50 Per Day Stateroom Services

    $ 5.50 Per Day Dining Room Services

    $ 1.00 Per Day Alternative Services: distributed to other kitchen and hotel service staff

    For Cruises-To-Nowhere, gratuities of $10 per guest, per day must be prepaid.

    Our Staff is totally committed to exceed your expectations in every way possible. If you are not satisfied with the service you receive, we encourage you to contact the Purser’s Information desk while onboard. This will allow us to address your concerns in a timely and appropriate fashion. At your discretion, you may adjust the gratuities at any time.

    For beverage purchases, fifteen percent of the bill is automatically added to the Sail & Sign charge. Room Service staff may be tipped as service is rendered. Tipping your Maître d’ is at your discretion, based upon the service you receive.

    Here is a link ...

  7. lfite

    lfite Guest

    Ok - so I have the $10 a day gratuity that is automatically charged to my credit card every day (per person, so $20 a day). I guess I am confused - do I tip on top on this gratuity charge or is this charge covering my tipping. I understand and will tip above this if it is expected (or I get great service). I just want to make sure I have enough cash on me if I need to tip more than the amount already being charged me.
  8. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    You are not required to tip above the standard amount. However, there are a couple of exceptions:

    1) You can tip extra, if you want, if you believe someone deserves extra. In such a case, tip that person directly in cash.

    2) You tip extra for those not included in the automatic tips. For example when you purchase a drink an automatic 15% tip will be added to the bill. Once again, if you wish, you can increase this amount. Ordering room service is another example where you would tip extra (the food is free - tip $1 or $2 to the person who brings you your order).
  9. SandyBeach

    SandyBeach Guest

    One other tip you may want to know about is for the baggage handler at the port...I believe the going rate is at least $1 per bag although we usually give more.

    I don't know whether it will matter to you or not, but they generally charge the $10/pd/pp when you board (for all the days you will be on board). Should you decide that your service isn't worth the small sum they charge...then consider having it changed. I have a maximum extra amount we can afford to give set aside for great service. Sometimes I end up dividing it differently depending on the service we get. I ask our room steward for extra envelopes a couple of days before the cruise ends and put the extra cash in there. I leave the room stewards in the room the last night and hand the other theirs. They do ask for tips for the Maitre'd, but as someone else said - unless they do something for you other than say Hi you could probably skip this one.
  10. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    I also always tip my dinner time cocktail server a little extra than the 15% built in to the price of the drink at the end of the cruise.
  11. Luci

    Luci Guest

    Hi Everybody! Guess what? I always do my own tipping. On my last cruise I went to the front desk and asked to delte the tips from my account. I told them I do my own tipping. Quess what? The front desk notified my cabin steward that I had taken out the tips from my account. He came and asked me if he was doing a good job of cleaning my cabin. I told him not to worry that I was planning to tip him at the end of the cruise. On the last day he came running to say good-by to him. I knew he was looking for his tip so I gave him his tip.

    Next time..... I plan to wait a few days before my cruise is over and tell the cabin steward and my waiters that I plan to do my own tipping. I felt bad that the cabin steward was worried about getting stiffed by me.

    I am a very generous person and I am in the habit of buying gifts in the ports for my cabin steward and other crew workers. I also tip the Matri di and sometimes give them gifts too. I always over-tip too. I also do a random selection and give gifts to people who didn't expect it. For example: a Casino gal who works there or a cleaning crew worker. Luci
  12. Dan40

    Dan40 Guest

    There is the rumor that if you remove the auto-tip, "to tip in cash," ALL cash you give them at the end MUST be turned in to the tip pool. But if you leave the auto-tip in place, they get exactly as posted above PLUS they get to keep all and any cash you give them over the auto-tip.

    And there is also the rumor that of the people that DO remove the auto-tip, OVER 90% do not tip a cent.

    I say, 'rumors' because I have no proof these things are true.

  13. Luci

    Luci Guest

    Hi Dan, I once asked on a HAL ship that I wanted to do my own tipping. The front desk gal said that they interrogate the cabin steward and the waiters and ask how much they got from me. It sounded ominus...sp to me.

    I think it would be really hard to prove if a cabin steward or waiter really got some money and how much. What if a cabin steward got tipped $200. dollars....would he/she turn it in? I don't think so. If I give money to a cleaning crew worker....how would the ship know that I gave that person money since that person didn"t work for me?

    I think it is just a rumor..... I have been cruising since the 1970's. I notice that sometimes the waiters lie by the way they answer me when I ask them a question about tipping through the ship. They are trained to say that it is best to keep the tip money in my ship board account. I somehow don't believe their answers.

    If I was working on a ship I would prefer to get my tip money directly and not through a customer"s account that will take time for me to get my tip or NOT.

    In the 1970's I learned that some restaurants keep the tips that you put on your credit card. That is why I always give the waiter their tip in cash.

    Next time I cruise I will ask different cruise workers the question about leaving my tip on my ship account and see if they all give the same answer.

  14. bob h

    bob h Guest

    I usually remove tips and then tip at the beginning and at the end. I have always tipped more than the "suggested" except on one cruise when the service from the room steward was non-existent... it was a short cruise but never saw him/her - no bed made up - dirty room/bathroom. It happens.
  15. Dan40

    Dan40 Guest

    One, each cruiseline does tipping different, how HAL does it has no bearing on how Carnival does it, even tho they are both CCL.
    Two, the very LAST best source of tipping info is the TIPPEE. He/she WILL say whatever they think will extract the best tip from you. As you have already learned.
    People ARE people!

    Questioning a worker about customer satisfaction when a tip is removed is just a too easy way for mgmt. to think they are doing research. Mgmt. types are lazy too.

    If a room stew was tipped $200. in cash and questioned, I can imagine he would skyrocket some of it. But if he says he has no idea why the tip was removed and claims he was not tipped, a gig WILL be on his record. Possibly costing him a promotion to a more cushy job. While, if he says the customer was not unhappy because he tipped me the normal amount in cash. Then he gets no gig on his record.

    Also the 'rumor' says that as long as the auto-tip stays in place, each worker is free to keep all and any cash over tips.

    A restaurant that keeps credit card tips is committing a crime. And certainly would have high turnover, or poor waiters. Or both!
    I think that is more disinfo from the tippee. The restaurant most likely discounts the tip amount the same % the bank discounts the restaurants payment.

    I don't ask the cruise workers [or any others] about their pay. What they make is no more my business than what I make is their business.

  16. Luci

    Luci Guest

    Hi Dan, thank you for your information... it was interesting. I still prefer to do my own tipping since it makes me happy to give gifts and tips to the crew workers.

    Like I have said..... I have been tipping since the 1970's. The cruiselines and their crew workers know that there are some cheapskates that stiff their personnel.

    I had a friend who worked for RCL who used to tell me about the cheapskates. He gave me lots of inside information about other things that happened on their ship.
    It is because of his experience that I do my own tipping too.

    Regarding restaurants...... I once saw an owner/manager steal a waiter's tips from his table. I was eating in the restaurant when I saw that happen. That is another reason
    that I make sure to hand the tip to the waiter instead of leaving it on the table.
    I am still in the habit of tipping in cash when I use a credit card.

    I am an old senior and I have seen many things that are not right....so I am not all that trusting of strangers. I could tell you all many stories.

    It is my business when it comes to my money. I don't like seeing workers getting stiffed especially with my hard earned money.

    Everybody has their own way of tipping.... I have mine. Lucy
  17. Frenchie

    Frenchie Guest

    My friend asked the waiter on a recent Princess cruise if they keep the tips if we tip extra. He said that they have to provide the cabin numbers of the passenger that tips extra. If that passenger left the tip on their cruise card then they could keep the extra. I have heard others say that all tips must be turned in. If it is found out that they were withholding tips they could get in trouble.
  18. Dan40

    Dan40 Guest

    Again, each line has its own tipping policies. This thread was CARNIVAL'S tipping. Go to Princess website. Their waiters, stewards, and background workers all share in a ship wide pool. Carnival pays specific amounts to the servers that served YOU, or the steward for YOUR room.

    Paying some xtra in cash is fine, I do that. But giving ALL of the tip in cash is a problem. One, they have no SECURE place to keep it. Two, most send sizable amounts home, so they HAVE to convert the cash to wire it home. At the very least, that takes up some of their off time. They can go to someplace onshore of one of the islands [carrying cash] or they simply deposit it in their on board account. Auto-tips go into their on board account and are easily wired home thru the ship, and there is no security [or temptation] problem.

    Luci, You are very little senior to me if at all, I also have cruised since the 70's.
  19. joebat1

    joebat1 Guest

    When I sailed on the Holiday in March, I was told by my room steward & my waiter that if ALL of the "automatic tips" were removed they would be REQUIRED to report all cash tips given them..... However if a passenger only removed some of the "automatic tips", and left a portion on their bill, then the wait staff could keep 100% of all cash tips... I checked with the Purser's Desk and was given the same information..... This policy may vary from ship to ship, but if you want to tip in person and make sure they keep it all, check with the Purser, cabin steward, & wait staff as to the policy of removing the "auto-tips" and using personal tipping.....

    This same policy was in effect on another Carnival owned subsidiary in April, but I don't want to upset anyone, so I'll just post the same information on the Princess board.... Also, the crew has some very limited free port time, a crew bar & snack bar to spend the cash in... so don't let anyone tell you they have no place to spend cash... they certainly do, and every crew member I have spoken to appreciates cash ~~!!~~
  20. joebat1

    joebat1 Guest

    Sorry, duplicate post ~~!!~~

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