Carnival Tipping Guide



It's me again. I have decided just to leave the tips in my account because on my most recent cruise on the Carnival Splendor my stupid sister took out her tips from her account after four days at sea. After that day..... our dinning room waitress totally changed and chose to serve us last at dinner time. I didn't want to start a fight with my sister that she took the tips out. I had told her to just leave the tips in her account.

The workers are notified when a cruiser takes their tips out of their accounts. The service goes downhill. I prefer now... just to stay with the tips on my account. I don't want to make the workers feel that I may not tip them and also get poor service.

TIMES HAVE CHANGED....Since May 3, 2009, I have decided to just leave the tips in my account. The old days of doing my own tipping are over for me. I used to over tip with gifts and money. But service is better if the tips are left in my account.

I overheard two gals eating in the dinning room that they planned to stiff everybody by taking out the tips on the last cruise day. That is totally mean because their waiter was so nice and did a great job of waiting on them. The Maitre d' also was giving them great service by providing them with extra requests for lobster and prime rib on none formal nights. They were greedy tacky gals.

I nolonger do my own tipping or do exta tipping unless someone does something out of the ordinary for me. Luci

cruise bunny

Do not prepay tips when paying your final bill!!! We did that on the Inspiration in 2008 and were charged the tips again when on board. They had no record of our prepayment but we had all of our paperwork to prove our point. We will never do that again. We also tip the waiter the first night as well as the steward and we find that we get really great service. A few dollars extra go a long way.


Hi Cruise Bunny, I think that the Carnival Inspiration ship has a bunch of con artists working at the pursers desk. I was conned in 1999. I recieved a bill of $50. from their Beauty Shop. The bill said that I had my hair done at 8:30a.m. on the morning I was leaving the ship. The Beauty Salon was closed and it wasn't going to open again until 10:30A.M. that morning.

It has been years since that happened to me and I still remember the Pursers face how he wasn't willing to help me at all. I had to leave the ship because I had an early flight. It made my cruise experience Ugly!!
When I got home I called my credit card company and I got my money back three months later.
After that nasty experience I chose not to cruise again on the Carnival cruise line for many years. I still have proof of the paper work of that bad experience saved.

I have read about some bad experiences that cruisers have had with the Carnival Inspiration Spa & Beauty Salon. How they have gotten cheated out of some money. They think they can get away with it and most likely they do most of the time because Carnival says they/Spa are run by outside VENDORS. Carnival likes to clean their hands and say it is not really their problem. I never use their SPAS.
AFTER THAT UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE....I always check my bill and close it after mid-night before I leave the ship.
On my most recent cruise I closed my account and I was told I would receive my closed bill in the morning but I didn't so I went in the early morning and demanded my closed account. The happened on the a Princess ship. From now on I plan to DEMAND my account be given to me in my hands from now on any ship I cruise on.
I get so angry when I see things charged to my account like drinks that I didn't order. I have gotten in the habit of always closing my account on the last night after 12mid-night. That is the time that you can close your ship account.

My advise is BEWARE OF CHARGES that are not yours on cruise ships. Always check your account to look for things you didn't buy. Luci


[size=large]God, I miss the days when your room steward just left you three envelopes and you could actually think for yourself and take care of your people yourself! The cruise industry found that a majority of young people were not tipping as they were supposed to and had to change the system. Did you know that the bartenders tips from your receipts are all pooled together and then distributed to all the bartenders and lounge servers? (sounds pretty Socialist to me).[/size]


Luci said:
The workers are notified when a cruiser takes their tips out of their accounts. The service goes downhill
Luci -- No employee on the ship gets their tips until ONE WEEK after you leave the ship so your experience with the dining was strictly coincidental!!


Dan40, I believe Luci was saying senior-as in her age not the fact she is a senior cruiser compared to you.

Socalmark, It was not coincidental that her service changed, When the auto-tips are removed the cabin steward
as well as all the others in the auto-tip pool are notified. This normally is done by being questioned by the
management on wether or not they are preforming there duties. If you had bothered to read the entire thread before
posting you would have seen this mentioned several times.

lfite in regards to your simple question(and you will forgive me for not trying to make it as complicated as possible).
Minimum acceptable tips are:
$1 per bag for porter
$10p/p/d the auto-tip
15% grat for bar service that is already added on to your bill
$2 tip to delivery person each time you get room service(they are not in the auto-tip pool)
$20 to maitre d' at end of cruise ONLY if the maitre d' provided you with with extra service such as changing your dinning
time, changing you to a different table if you request it, allowing you to order something that is not on the menu, etc...