Carnival Triumph 22 Dec Price Drop..........

Need some advice, who do I need to talk to about a price drop aboard the Carnival Triumph sailing 22 Dec, the Christmas cruise. We booked back in October and paid 719.00 pp for interior rooms. The price has dropped to 629.00pp, for my 2 interior rooms that's 360.00....... Help, I booked direct with Carnival and now they are saying there is nothing they can do. Talk about Customer no-service. It's not like I'm trying to cancel, I just want a little credit for money I've already paid.........


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At this late date, (as in after final payment is made), there is little they can or will do, UNLESS you booked at the ES rate. If you did, there is a form to fill out and submit. If you booked at any other rate, all you can do is call your PVP and ask for an upgrade. I never have a problem getting an upgrade, but then again I have cruised many, many times with Carnival, and I believe they tend to be more helpful with those with more cruises. Keep trying!!