Carnival Triumph Refunds

We have been getting the same run around that it seems everyone is getting. We were told by our travel agent as soon our March cruise was canceled. Carnival never contacted us.

I did call Carnival that day (13 days ago) asking about a refund for the cruise and the flight. The Carnival rep told us that we needed to send the airfare receipts to our travel agent. We did. Then our travel agent got on the phone with Carnival and was told that we needed to send the receipts to Carnival at a specific email and that refunds would be processed within 7 to 10 days of us sending the email. Two days after we sent the email we got a reply saying that we sent the email to the wrong address and that we would have to forward it to another Carnival department. Why that Carnival rep couldn't just forward the email...I don’t know.

After we forwarded the email with airfare receipts to the second Carnival email we got a reply saying they would contact us in 7 to 10 days. Today was day 11. So I got on the phone with Carnival. Waited on hold 15 mins to talk with someone. I was transferred to five different people before I was told I was going to be transferred to Guest Administration. Then I was disconnected. I called back...waited on hold again. I was transferred to two different people before being finally transferred to Guest Admin. This is where I was told that refunds on flights would take more than a month to process. Further...they had no record of the previous emails that I had sent and that I would be at the back of the line. I forwarded the rep the email reply that Carnival had sent me acknowledging receiving my email...but that doesn't seem to matter to Carnival.

I am not upset that the cruise was canceled...these things happen. Two weeks ago I would have been happy to get on a Carnival cruise again. But Carnival's nonstop lying and lazy approach to refunds tells me "never again." Anyone else getting the same runaround?
If you booked through a TA , then the TA should handle getting your refund processed. The TA can get through to Carnival much faster than you can and cut through some of the red tape..