Carnival Victory - best aft balcony cabin?



I'll be cruising on a chartered cruise aboard the Carnival Victory next January (2008). Since the ship will be chartered, I'll pretty much be able to choose my cabin. I had an aft balcony on my last cruise and am looking to book one again.

I'm hoping to get some input from the community with regard to choosing the "best" cabin. I've looked at the deck plans, and it appears that the Verandah cabins may be larger than any of the lower decks (Verandah has 6 aft balconies across and the lower decks have 8 across). The only problem I have with the Verandah cabins is that they are right below the Lido deck aft pool.

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



We always book aft on the Verandah deck. Yes, it's right below the Lido deck but at night it's quiet because the pool and bars are closed. During the day it may be noisy but we're never in the cabin during the day so that's not a problem for us.


I prefer my aft cabins to be closer to the waters.

We had cabins on deck 6 on the Victory and the Destiny.
I dont book the veranda deck because more reviews state about the scrapping of the chairs all day and night.

And deck 7 some cabins dont have the sofa.

Gayle V

Victory aft cabin 7424 is one that does NOT have a sofa. There is a small empty space in the corner that they could put a chair, but there wasn't anything there except a tiny table. (You can see the little table in the photo below, it has my hubby's grey camera bag on it.)

And overall this cabin was smaller than the other cabins of the same catagory. The one directly next to us, where our friends were, looks the same on the deck plans, but was larger and had the sofa, and more counter and storage space.
Personally I feel Carnival should not be selling this cabin as the same price. It is definitely not the same value.

I did ask the room steward for a chair and he eventually brought one that was so tiny, you really couldn't use it for sitting more than a minute. (The steward said he'd stolen it from one of the suites, and would put it back for the next cruise.)

Even that chair was not comfortable enough, nor big enough to even sit and read a book. Would have been nice to have a place to sit, as our cruise had a lot of rain, making the verandah unavailable.


Great information Gayle. You definately confirmed Serene's posting. You have to love these message boards. Where else can you find this kind of information? Thanks for the postings thus far!