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Carnival vs Princess

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by serene56, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    After a considerable amount of cruises on Carnival.. (once on Royal) I am now finally booked on a PRincess. ok--not unitl 02/07 so it gives me time to research..lol

    Carnival has a gift site that I can order gifts to my cabin. my favorites were coupons for drinks, photos and soda. Does Princess offer this?

    Carnival also offered ift certificates... how bout Princess? can carnival funship dollars be used on a Princess cruise?
  2. The Cruiser

    The Cruiser Guest

    Yes Princess has a ordering on there web site. Click on onboard, then to the send a gift icon located on right side.
  3. ch12

    ch12 Guest

    Funship dollars cannot be used on Princess.
  4. TDCRose

    TDCRose Guest

    We also sail Carnival the majority of the time for the value, have sailed RCI twice and Disney twice. We are booked on the Caribbean Princess Dec. 3, 2006, Mini Suite E730. I have loved all our cruises, but felt it was time for a change from Carnival-sailing the Spirit Dec. 10, 2005. Princess just seemed like a logical choice for our family. We like RCI and Disney, but the lines are a bit pricey. Disney had great service and is probably worth the xtra, but IMHO RCI ranks pretty much on par with Carnival. Have a wonderful cruise.
  5. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    After reading and reading. I have been rpicing out cruises again. The caribbean princess will cost me 450 more pp then taking a carnival cruise...wow- Im sorry I did looka t the price difference.

    Is sailing Princess that much of a difference?
  6. redcrown

    redcrown Guest

    At times Princess can be more, but I have had times where I was able to get a mini suite for less than a cat 8A on CCL. What categories are you comparing?
  7. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    I have a cat BB (C752) comparing it to a regular balcony on the aft of a carnival ship.
  8. redcrown

    redcrown Guest

    There is no comparison. That is my favorite cabin on the Grand. I have done her 3 times and I have that cabin booked for 8/19/06 on the CP. Unless you book a cat 9 on CCL or higher you will not get a corner. On some CCL ships, on the stern you can get an 8A or 8C (extended balcony C, E, G, I). On this balcony you will be able to fit 2 lounge chairs and still have room for your 2 chairs and table. On an 8A you will not even get 1 lounge. On the 8 C's I believe you could but am not positive. The balcony is covered so there is not a lot of sun on C752. The cabin itself is a little smaller I believe but fine for 2 people.

    Hope this helps a wee bit.

    suer is my spell checker. :)
  9. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    I already have it booked and deposited. Now if I can only stop second quessing myself...lol
    I have always wanted to try Princess and now is the time that it comes in with everything i want in a cruise.
    Leaves on a SUnday--goes to the Western ports. ahhhhh
    thanks for allyour inputs.
  10. redcrown

    redcrown Guest

    Enjoy it. Princess Cay is my 2nd favorite private island after Half Moon Cay. Enjoy having breakfast every morning on your balocny. Another thing I like aboput Pricess is that for musters, they are all held inside in the A/C. They only have you put on your life vest at the end to make sure everyone knows how to do it and then they have you take it off. On the Grand class also, the j have the port and starboard passways and once you get 2/3 way aft, there isn't another crossover to get from one side to another. This helps to make your cabin even more quiet as only passengers with cabins on the port side will come down there. You'll love it, all the way back, turn right and tucked in the corner is your stateroom. For muster drill out your cabin down the crew stairwell on your left and you are set.

    I wish it could be me in that cabin. I have just under a year to wait.

    Spellchecked by SueR
  11. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    ahh, sounds so nice. You said breakfast on the balcony-- i read that costs 25.00.

    could you tell me how room service is different on Princess compared to Carnival. Can you order hot foods?
  12. redcrown

    redcrown Guest

    When I was last on the CP she was only 3 weeks old. On other Princess cruises, I would just call in the morning and order whatever I wanted. Since it was only 3 weeks old the menu was a wee bit limited. I could get different types of eggs, bacon etc, but could not get pankcakes or french toast. They said as the staff became more accustomed to the ship they would be doing the same type of room service breakfast that I had done before on the Grand. There was never a charge for room service, you only "had" to tip.

    I found in general that Princess has a broader room service menu. Normally they would deliver in approx. 20 minutes after I called on average.

    I think CCL has overall better buffet food and options, especially on the Spirit class. I feel generally speaking the overall service and friendliness is better on Princess. Dining room is a toss up, ship to ship, but being from New England, love the lobster night on Princess. They use cold water lobster not the warm water that CCL, NCL, and RCCL serve. Another plus for me is I like pasta and on Princess they will give you a small sample of the main pasta entree if you like hence you can order your regular entree (or 2 or 3).

    Last when it is just my wife and I I prefer Princess. It is a more relaxing, laid back atmosphere while if we are traveling with a small group then I like doing CCL.

    Spellcheck by Suer
  13. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Yeah-- I bet being new Englander that Lobster on any cruise ship would be such a waste--lol Since I never tried that stuff from up north- what I had on a cruise ship was very good.

    I know carnivals menus are fleetwide. Does princess use the same menu for EVERY ship?
  14. redcrown

    redcrown Guest

    I believe they do.
    Cold water lobster as compared to warm is like night and day. You will get to try NE lobster on the CP and then one day you may do a cruise up to NE/Canada and be able to go to a lobsterfest in Maine. I will be expecting a post or a PM telling me, you, there is no comparison cold water is much better after your cruise.

    Spell check by Suer
  15. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Have you ever did the seafood buffet?? can you tell me about that? I seen photos and truly amazing. But i have been to Gala buffets with all the fancy foods and desserts.. It always looked better then what it tastes.
  16. solstice

    solstice Guest

    Confusing I know...but its the "Ulitmate Balcony Breakfast" that costs $25, comes with service I think and fancy linens.

    You can order room service (free) by writing what you want on your card (they leave it on your pillow at turndown) the night before and hanging it on your doorknob outside. They only have continental choices on the card but if you write something in they will usually bring it to you---we had eggs one day and I've written in strawberries and cream and stuff like that. Then you just eat it on your balcony. Only charge is a discretional gratuity-most people give the guys a couple bucks.

    Hope that helps.
  17. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    is that breakfast on the balcony per couple or per person? that sounds like something i want to do on my second sea day...lol i was thinking of buying a nice lacy tablecloth for our table...and maybe some silk daisys
  18. redcrown

    redcrown Guest

    You can also just get up in the morning and call room service and order what you would like. That is what I always do. I do not really care for continental, so I just order what I want. The only time I had an issue was when I was on the 3rd voyage of the CP. I got what I wanted, a little too much. I had ordered 3 eggs over easy with ham and toast and a three egg omlet with mushrooms and cheeze and a side of bacon, and an english muffin, a picture of juice and a pot of coffee. Well it took a wee bit and finally there was a knock with two men holding these 2 trays with piles of food. They sent me 3 orders of the eggs over easy, 3 orders of the omlets, 3 of everything. Next morning I made sure I only got one order of everything!! :)

    Spell checked by Suer
  19. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    Serene we left the card outside every night for breakfast inthe morning,,, if theres something you want thats not on the card write it on the side,,, like waffles and strawberries werent on the card, i wrote it in,, they delivered :) room service is free, we would order breakfast to come every monring at 7am have coffee and breakfast on the balcony get showered and dressed, and then head to the lido for more :) but it keeps you from rushing to get dressed to go have coffe and something to eat,,, we were usually on deck about 9 am and got great seats for the pool,,, the adults only pool forward near the spa IS AWESOME,,, we almost didnt find it,,,, and the aft pool is great you can get there from the lido deck at the back of the horizon food court you can sit outside and eat which is great if your a smoker,,,, i paid 300 less on princess for a BB cabin,, best balcony cabins on the ship IMHO,,,, than i would have on carnival for the same itinerary,,, i always find princess princes cheaper than carnival , but then again it could just be the time of year that im sailing,,, :)

    Ps a typical order from room service for us EVERYDAY, was 2 carafes of coffee, extra creamer extra sugar, 2 bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon, 2 omlettes order to specification, fresh strawberries, and pancake or waffles.... and its allllll free,,,, no need to pay the 25.00,,,

    Also on the night of the seafood buffet,,, load up 2 plates each, and head bck to your balcony and eat it there,,,, dont pay the charge for sinner on the balcony either unless you really want to... we would do that sometimes at night, grab some plates from the buffet, crack open a bottle of smuggled on wine, and sit on the balcony for dinner.... thats the nice thing about BB balconies partially covered, so the wind doesnt cool your dinner down that fast :)
  20. aedepatie

    aedepatie Guest

    I am sailing of the sapphire princess in January. This is the first time for Princess. I haven't heard anything about a seafood buffet. Do they offer this on all Princess cruises? And if so what time is it and what is it like? I have sailed on Carnival 3 times and the room service menu is limited.. Princess sounds great! I am also from new england and there is nothing like cold water lobster!!

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